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Scientists Stunned by First Proofs of Contaminated DNA getting absorbed into Human Cells

"These cells did not merely interact with the vaccines but absorbed them, incorporating foreign DNA into their very structure"

In an explosive revelation a few days ago during a video conference with Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International, Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, former Chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz and a distinguished figure in the field, unveiled findings that have sent shockwaves through the scientific community.

The first experiments indicates that experimental COVID mRNA jabs, may have been integrating into human cells—raising the specter of genetic modification on an unprecedented scale.

Prof. Bhakdi, long known for his critical stance on the mainstream narrative surrounding genetic experimental mRNA therapy, shed light on previously dismissed evidence, saying, "What then happened was that Kevin McKernan's findings [of DNA Contamination] were belittled…, although they were reproduced in Canada by Speicher." These findings were eventually reproduced across multiple independent labs across the world. This disregard for groundbreaking research is alarming, but what Prof Bhakdi and his german team discovered next is even more so.

Prof Bhakdi's colleagues immersed human cells in vaccines, unveiling a startling truth: These cells did not merely interact with the vaccines but absorbed them, incorporating foreign DNA into their very structure. "Our two lady scientists...found that the human cells immediately took up the vaccines, and the DNA, and the chromosomes," Bhakdi said, outlining a process where cells began producing the spike protein in massive quantities. What was once theoretical fear has now been manifested into tangible evidence, showing the potential for these vaccines to alter human genetics fundamentally.

This evidence not only corroborates the initial findings but also offers a chilling validation of the genetic alterations being observed. "So, what did our girls do? They sent their human cells that had been transfected to Kevin McKernan, begging the question, Kevin, can you find any chromosomal integration of bacterial DNA in the human cell chromosomes? Do you know the answer? He put it up in his substack one week ago, and the answer is yes," Bhakdi reveals, underscoring a critical and undeniable marker of genetic modification, fueled by vaccine integration.

Adding to the concern, Kevin recently published another article on his Substack, in which he reveals that the Plasmid DNA is not merely being absorbed by the cells; it is also being replicated after getting absorbed.

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The severity of these findings cannot be overstated. Prof. Bhakdi articulates the gravity of this situation by stating, "The uptake of a foreign chromosome into your cell equates with nothing less than genetic modification." This proclamation signals a critical juncture in our understanding of vaccine safety and the potential for long-term consequences impacting billions worldwide.

The possibilities of what this means for the human genome are deeply concerning. Bhakdi elaborates on the potential for catastrophic genetic disruption, using the metaphor of the "book of life" to describe the genome. The integration of foreign DNA could "smear" vital pages of this book, leading to unreadable genetic sequences with far-reaching implications for cellular function, possibly explaining the surge in tumors and genetic disorders globally.

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In response to these alarming findings, Bhakdi calls for immediate action, urging a halt to vaccination campaigns until absolute safety can be guaranteed by both manufacturers and regulatory bodies—a demand that seems as unlikely as it is necessary. "These vaccines have all got to be stopped," he demands, emphasizing the urgent need for a reevaluation of our current trajectory.

With forthcoming publications, Prof. Bhakdi's findings represent a "shit hitting the fan" moment that you need to prepare for (i.e. heat up the popcorns!)."They better watch out," Bhakdi warns, signaling a storm on the horizon for political leaders and health authorities globally.

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