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Professor Dr. Mustafa Ali, former WHO Expert Panel Advisor, Raises Alarm Over Increasing Cancer Incidences!

"They are alarmed. And also regretful. Many are regretful. Honestly, they tell me, they are regretful....I have seen an alarming increase in cancer rates!"

Malaysian Professor Dr. Mustafa Ali Mohd, an esteemed Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Universiti Malaya and a Fellow of the esteemed Malaysian Academy of Science, is a well known figure in clinical pharmacology, toxicology, and public health. Prof Mustafa Ali has published more than 40 academic books, and more than 100 papers in international scientific journals. [SOURCE1] [SOURCE2]

In 2012, Professor Dr. Mustafa Ali Mohd was distinguished as one of Malaysia's Top Research Scientists (TRSM), a selection that celebrated his exceptional accomplishments and stellar performance in the realm of research. His remarkable contributions to science also earned him the Excellent Scientist Award from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia in 2005, complemented by his success at the 33rd International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques, and Products in Geneva where he was honored with a Gold Medal.

Dr. Mustafa's continuous service to the global community cannot be overstated, particularly his role as an Advisory Committee member and an expert panel advisor to the World Health Organization (WHO). His guidance has been sought-after in evaluating the safety and toxicological effects of various substances, such as melamine and bisphenol—an involvement that has had a cascading effect on international health policies and practices. It was Prof. Mustafa’s critical research on endocrine-disrupting chemicals, such as 'Bisphenol A'(BPA), that led to sweeping changes in consumer safety standards worldwide, including the landmark ban of 'Bisphenol A' in baby feeding bottles in Malaysia and beyond.

Although not widely heard in the international news, Prof Mustafa has been cautioning on the dangers of experimental mRNA genetic vaccinations for the last three years. In his latest interview with Dr Roland Victor, another medical freedom fighter from Malaysia since Day 1, Prof. Mustafa touches upon the conflicted emotions many feel after getting vaccinated—the initial sense of security overshadowed by a tide of unexpected reactions. "They are alarmed. And also regretful. Many are regretful. Honestly, they tell me, they are regretful," he shares, giving voice to the inner turmoil of those confiding in him.

Prof. Mustafa recounts the unexpected twist in the post-vaccination narrative, wherein some of the vaccinated have paradoxically become the main victims of the disease they hoped to avoid. "Unfortunately, they are often the main ones to get the disease. They get COVID. They experience side effects. And indeed, many have died," he states soberly, highlighting an issue that can both startle and sadden.

The Professor draws our attention to a worrying health pattern that has manifested concomitantly with the vaccine rollout. "I have seen an alarming increase in cancer rates," he remarks, framing a scenario that seems both illogical yet painfully real—to battle one health menace only to be blindsided by another.

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