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Some math, some back of envelope musing... I reckon many, many WHO acolytes actually took the DeathJab, swept up by the religious fervour, the MeTooWeAreOne psyop. In the END, and I mean in about 5 years when turbo cancers & strokes are RIPPING through the Under 50s, "Their" side will ALSO be depleted. But We, we are many, when we're a lot less we will STILL BE a lot more than The Borg. And: we will show them how we feel about Genocide 😐 We DO NOT FORGIVE.

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Thanks for posting this! The more honest doctors we get on record about the harm and death caused by the mass toxxination campaign, the better.

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Another excellent stack Aussie, thank you. Where is your ‘buy me a coffee symbol’? Many can’t take out more paying subscriptions but will buy a coffee. Keep up the good work. You’re playing a big role in waking people up.

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Excellent article as usual! I hope many people will subscribe, you are doing a wonderful work and it has to be rewarded! <3

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There was another ruse used to get the majority of Malaysians, who are Muslims, vaccinated. They were told that they could not perform the Hajj unless they got the jab. The Saudi govt later reversed course (after all, the Hajj was a once in a lifetime obligation) and I suspect many across the Muslim world had opted to wait it out.

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Great Post!

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I have been tuning into Dr. Tenpenny, Prof Bhakdi, Dr. Cole, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Mikovits, etc. I fear the spike proteins are reaching a tipping point whereby the injured and dying will greatly increase. 2024 onwards, we should see the outcome.

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Excellent interview. I am Malaysian but lives in Singapore. I am impressed at how smoothly they switch between Bahasa Malaysia and English. I am watching Singapore with concern. Nature does not discriminate. If adverse events affect other countries, Singapore cannot be immune to such effects. Time will tell.

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The death throes of humanity. Self-produced and self-inflicted. Bravo.

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Vaccines are one of many deceptions that hide malfeasance practices in medicine. Children/babies are the highest value targets for evil. Hence pregnancy along with the elderly and the disabled were cv19 prime targets. SIDS is a design feature not a side effect. They kill as many as they think they can get away with. The new RSV vax is killing at twice the rate of expected excess deaths in France.

They also use oxygen to kill in plain sight. Oxygen toxicity and oxygen poisoning is a design feature not a bug.

Mammalian physiology has nothing to do with oxygenation and this deception must fall away so everyone can see.

Oxygen is a manufactured product of air NOT a constituent of air.

What is the physical parameter that defines oxygen?

Medical oxygen has 67 parts per million of water contamination.

How is oxygen manufactured?

Air is dried of moisture and compressed repeatedly to reach the required dryness - parts per million of water contamination!

My Substack article is titled

We breathe air not oxygen.

Let’s now compare air and oxygen with the requirements of lung physiology.

Air is measured by its moisture, its humidity.

The lung alveoli requires the air reaching it to be at 100% humidity.

Can you see the mechanism for oxygen toxicity and oxygen poisoning?

Yes, oxygen toxicity is another word for dehydration.

Oxygen is air forced into an artificially dry state. Once released oxygen gas desires to return to its natural state: moist air. When released inside the lungs, moisture is extracted from the respiratory mucosa and delicate alveoli. This causes micro-clots.

The terms: Reactive oxygen species, oxidation and oxidised in physiology are describing dehydration.

Oxygen is not prescribed for breathlessness.

Instead it is primarily prescribed for the terminally ill.

Palliative care is not kind!

Oxygen obviously does not exist naturally in air. Plants and trees do not release oxygen.

Oxygen is changed into nitrogen with the addition of carbon particles to dampen flammability.

Oxygen and nitrogen are not constituents of air but products made from air.

My second article has a demonstration of this.

I say dehydration is the point of dis array that prevents a body from self healing.

Chronic dehydration has been instituted with the demonisation of salt from the 80s. Big pHARMa profits from medical propaganda: salt endangers the heart.

I have a new take on lung and blood physiology that dismisses the fraudulent gaseous exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The red blood cells carry salt + water. They are vessels carrying and distributing salt water.

The red light monitoring is checking for hydration not oxygen saturation!

Dark RBCs are contracted and dehydrated.

Light RBCs are expanded and hydrated.

Monitoring the dark versus light RBCs calculates % of hydration.

The lungs rehydrate RBCs by adding salt + water to the alveoli capillary beds as they pass through, the RBCs are spongelike and soak up the salt + water, expanding and hydrating.

Just like the saline drip adds salt water to RBCs through venous exposure.

Dehydration is the vector of all dis-ease.

The salt restriction advice intentionally deployed in the 80s has caused the epidemic of chronic diseases.

Eg Dementia and alzheimers are the result of a chronically dehydrated brain. Plaque becomes visible when the tide goes out!

First sign of dehydration is a headache, the brain is very sensitive to low salt status. Acute hypo-natremia kills. Chronic hypo-natremia reduces brain functionality.

Why are women more prone to dementia? Women have significant additional salt requirements to maintain their reproductive mucosa etc


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