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Popular Youtuber Dr Annette Bosworth (Dr Boz) Makes a Dramatic U-Turn on the Experimental COVID Gene Therapy!

"The Biggest Crime in the History of Medicine!"

In one of the most dramatic live U-Turns ever, Dr. Annette Bosworth, affectionately known by her legion of followers as Dr. Boz, has ventured into the point of no return concerning the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Through a video boldly titled “The biggest crime in the history of medicine,” Dr. Boz channels her inner whistleblower to dissect what she portrays as the many failings and misconceptions shrouding these vaccines gene therapies—a narrative that unfolds against the backdrop of a recently retracted (ahem… censored), yet initially peer-reviewed article.

Anyway, I condensed 8 key moments from the clip into a 4.5-minute video running at 1.5x speed so you don’t have to watch the whole 54 minutes or read a 40 page peer reviewed paper! Here are the important points (Full clip on youtube available here, and in case YouTube brings it down, I’m sharing the full one at the end of this article)

  1. Gene Therapy in Disguise?
    "And it really makes me nervous once you see what this...never have I seen bias play out like this at this should have been called gene therapy product." Dr. Boz doesn't mince her words here. She lays bare the misnomer that has potentially misled millions. By revealing the true nature of these so-called vaccines as gene therapy, she challenges the foundation upon which public acceptance was built.

  2. There’s no Off Switch!
    "The problem with what they were playing with is there is no off switch for this. In a vaccination, your immunity rises and then falls, and your body's done. With this, there's no mechanism built into our bodies that has the ability to turn it off." Dr. Boz articulates a fundamental flaw in the vaccine's design: it's a one-way ticket with no return journey. The unceasing nature of this genetic engagement raises pertinent questions about long-term health implications.

  3. Contaminated DNA
    "They found an enormous amount of DNA particles...What the hell is DNA doing in a vaccination that is supposed to be for the protein production to fight off this virus? disrupts the existing natural genetic sequence." Dr. Boz highlights the staggering discovery of contamination within the vaccine vials. This revelation not only casts a shadow over manufacturing processes but also introduces an element of genetic roulette with uncertain stakes.

  4. Spike Proteins in Autopsies of Vaccinated Hearts
    "The spike proteins are found in the cells of human heart...not supposed to be inside us at all." This stark disclosure by Dr. Boz uncovers the alarming presence of spike proteins in cardiac tissues of the vaccinated, a phenomenon that was neither intended nor expected. It's a testament to the unpredictable nature of these vaccines, stirring grave concerns about their safety profile.

  5. Playing with Statistics
    "They played games to have this bias towards the favorability of the vaccination." Here, Dr. Boz condemns the manipulation of clinical trial data, exposing how the framework of these studies was twisted to favor positive outcomes. This manipulation erodes the foundation of trust and calls into question the integrity of the scientific process.

  6. Killing 27 people to “save” 2 people.
    "52,000 vaccinations would be needed in order to prevent one Covid-19 death...yet we see that we have 27 deaths per 100,000 in the same batch of injections because of adverse events." Dr. Boz compellingly illustrates the disproportion between risk and reward, challenging the narrative that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the costs. This staggering statistic illuminates a grim picture of vaccine efficacy and safety.

  7. Pregnancy and the Vaccine
    "And they recommended it in pregnancy when they knew that absolutely not one single subject in the trial was pregnant...I think that's just egregious." The ethical implications of recommending the vaccine to pregnant women without solid trial data are profound. Dr. Boz's astonishment is palpable, echoing concerns about the lack of transparency and due diligence in these recommendations.

  8. Regret and Call for Awareness
    "I had all of my kids vaccinated. I had all of the people I loved vaccinated...look at what it did to especially the kids." Dr. Boz reflects on her own decisions to vaccinate her family and loved ones based on the information she had at the time. Her regret is a powerful testament to the complex and evolving nature of our understanding of the vaccines, underscoring the importance of ongoing critical review and honest discourse.

Oh, and finally, check out how she was demonetized by YouTube after her rant!

Anyway, let’s welcome Dr Boz to our U-Turn Tracker™!

Signing off for now

Full substitled video here in case Youtube brings it down!

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