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PlasmidGate Continues to Hit the Airwaves: Servus TV's "Talk im Hangar-7" covers DNA Contamination!"

Second TV station to cover PlasmidGate!

A segment on Austrian TV station Servus TV's "Talk in Hangar 7" exposed the story of DNA contamination in the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines”[SOURCE]. Biotechnician and former VP of German Pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr Monika Henninger-Erber pinpointed the heart of the scandal — the silence from media and authorities on this pressing issue which questions the integrity of the vaccines' production process.

The segment shed light on a discovery dating back to February stating, "the vaccine was contaminated with plasmid DNA." Henninger-Erber remarked, "And that's not false information... these are facts." She went on, "Independent laboratories have found plasmid residues in a much higher concentration than that specification provides." This stark deviation from the specifications brings to the surface troubling questions regarding not only the vaccine's purity but also its potential health impacts.

Henninger-Erber’s insight into the matter comes from years of biotech experience and having worked closely with biopharmaceutical development and production. The issue at hand isn't merely technical but has a direct impact on public health. "It is an impurity, and the process defines the product," she explains, suggesting that these impurities' unknown negative consequences require scrutiny.

The scandal deepens as this information has not reached the public through mainstream media. "This is not being covered by mainstream media," Pfeiffer claims, emphasizing the need for this to be reported before further vaccination recommendations are made.

In a call for transparency and action, epidemologist and virologist Klaus Stöhr advocates for "prospective studies to differentiate between those who have been vaccinated and not vaccinated" to clarify any potential cancer risks, given the fact that "65 million people have now been vaccinated in Germany... many billions around the world."

The controversy extends beyond potential contaminants; it includes the dissemination of the vaccine within the body, an aspect not transparently communicated to the public. "People were never told that," Henninger-Erber notes, pointing out that "the vaccine does not stay at the entry site" and “small amounts reach various organs."

The medical journalist Werner Bartens (below), an advocate for the government's COVID-19 strategies, appeared visibly uneasy, yet he persisted with the assertion that the vaccination campaigns have saved millions of lives.

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Correction: The lady’s name is Biotechnician and former VP of German Pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim, Dr. Monika Henniger-Erber.

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