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Finally! German TV MDR Breaks the Story, Highlighting Potential DNA Risks in COVID Vaccines for the First Time

A significant development

"Umschau," MDR's reputable investigative program, aired a segment on December 12, 2023, that cast a spotlight on the serious issue of DNA contamination in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccines. The episode reported on findings from Professor Brigitte König's independent Magdeburg laboratory, which discovered substantial foreign DNA contamination in five batches of the BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine.

The DNA levels found exceeded the World Health Organization (WHO) limits, raising significant concerns over the safety of the vaccine used in global mass vaccination efforts.

The research highlighted that the least contaminated batch contained foreign DNA 83 times over the WHO's limit, while the most contaminated batch had DNA levels 354 times above the safety threshold. These startling results have intensified scrutiny over mRNA vaccines' production and regulatory oversight.

Dr. Jürgen Kirchner pressed for the vaccine's withdrawal under a specific clause in the Medicines Act, which mandates the removal of questionable products from the market. Kirchner presented these findings to the Bundestag's Petitions Committee in September 2023.

This development is quite substantial. It's been nine months since Kevin McKernan first identified the DNA contamination, a topic I covered in my March 2023 piece.

The issue only started gaining wider attention six months later, following Dr. Phillip Buckhault's testimony in the South Carolina Senate.

The truth is gradually emerging, albeit more slowly than I had anticipated!

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