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JUST IN: German Public Broadcaster WDR Airs Alarming Segment on DNA Contamination

"May potentially integrate into human DNA"."I cannot guarantee that there is absolutely no residual risk for the next decades of your life because we simply do not know."

The DNA contamination issue persists amid silence from authorities. In a news segment aired on January 18, 2024, by Germany’s public broadcaster WDR(SOURCE), the DNA contamination in the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is underscored once again.

Despite Kevin McKernan's initial discovery of DNA contamination in early 2023, it wasn't until last month that the issue came to public attention through an MDR segment. However, the segment was promptly removed, a move that has been attributed to medical censorship.

Prof. Dr. Gerald Dyker from Ruhr University Bochum has raised alarms about potential DNA contamination in the widely utilized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Independent labs' examinations reveal disturbing indications of bacterial DNA contaminants.

Prof. Dr. Dyker shared, "DNA contaminations were found, specifically bacterial DNA contaminations originating from the production process. These contaminations, due to the particular mechanism of action of mRNA vaccines, may potentially integrate into human DNA." This disclosure has provoked disquiet, especially as BioNTech has not yet released a statement or response to these claims.

With over 132 million doses administered in Germany, the apparent oversight by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute—the authority responsible for drug verification—has come into sharp focus. Critics describe their quality control processes as limited to "very few marginal tests."

Dr. Stefan von Lackum, a general practitioner, is calling for a comprehensive health reassessment of the vaccinations. He stated, "Because we administer the application to the patient and are fundamentally responsible for the patient, we expect a thorough examination."

The broadcast featured insights from Dr. Thomas Voshaar, a renowned pulmonologist who led the COVID-19 ward at the pandemic's peak. When queried about his stance on vaccination in view of the contamination worries, Dr. Voshaar replied, "In terms of the scientific and health policy aspect, I am worried." He underscored the urgent need for scientific clarity: "One can feel it everywhere. Questions are met with a blockade now, and that is frustrating; it is not acceptable at all."

Dr. Voshaar, addressing the expectation of contaminant-free vaccines, called for a reevaluation of mRNA vaccines by stating, "The WHO specification permits very small amounts of DNA due to the manufacturing process. The reasoning and allowance of this must be questioned."

The article raises serious concerns about the potential long-term effects on individuals who have been vaccinated, summarized by Dr. Voshaar’s somber conclusion: "For those who are vaccinated, I would now be relaxed. But I cannot guarantee that there is absolutely no residual risk for the next decades of your life because we simply do not know."

This report incites a critical need for further scientific research to assure the safety and integrity of vaccinations – a concern for not just individual health but also for public health overall.

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