thank you again Aussie

our team work with Kevin McKernan and David Speicher and others on this DNA contamination disaster, on the legal fronts

we have Federal Court proceedings afoot against Pfizer and Moderna:



we presented a brief of evidence to Australia's Attorney-General (AG):


we presented an updated brief of evidence to Australia's Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP):


we are waiting on a summary decision in the Federal Court proceedings

the AG refused to respond

the CDPP are ducking and weaving and tried to flick the brief of evidence back at us saying it contains a technical legal error with respect to the admissibility of some point of the evidence .. when know the CDPP is not acting in good faith because they did not have the courtesy to point out what the issue is .. we are presently revising the brief with assistance from a senior criminal lawyer

all in all Australian authorities are on the run because this comes back to the door of the Australian government .. that means legal liability .. that means big dollars in payouts

they knew Pfizer and Moderna are both GMOs, but ushered them in the side door hoping no one would realise

well, we did .. then the Gene Technology Regulator Dr Raj Bhula admitted they are GMOs last October .. so they are all running for cover now

same deal in the UK .. legally GMOs, but they did not tell the public

same deal in Europe .. legally GMOs but they intentionally ignored their GMO laws there, as had they observed the proper process, everyone in late 2020 would have been entitled to make Public Submissions about the potential dangers of these (LNP-modRNA) GMOs before the drugs could be approved, and the EMA wanted to avoid the public knowing these things are GMOs .. why? .. they will tell you there was an emergency and they wanted to avoid 'vaccine hesitancy'

but these things are not vaccines .. they are gene therapy GMOs .. that is what they really did not want the public to know, because the public would have properly told regulators and governments to get f*cked

on the EU laws read my paper here:


on the UK GMO laws we provided last year Andrew Bridgen MP with a full legal opinion .. he has acknowledged receipt, but to date has chosen not to inform the UK public

now we have the DNA contamination .. as the information links above also show, this DNA contamination is another form of GMO, and a form of GMO that would never have been approved by any jurisdiction because of the LNP component ensuring delivery into cells

we are looking at .. no, we are right in the midst of a global cluster f*ck by regulators

but let us be clear .. Moderna and Pfizer have always known about their products being GMOs, and especially about the DNA contamination

Moderna's own CEO expressed as much in this patent, which means Pfizer knew too, as they both closely read each others patents:


to quote a section:

'Quantitative PCR is often applied to measure the residual DNA but it only detects the DNA molecules that contain both qPCR primers thus does not measure all other smaller DNA molecules that are partially digested. To overcome this challenge, a liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) approach can be used where a total nuclease digestion is performed on the RNA drug substance sample following the DNA removal step. The presence of individual residual deoxynucleotides is quantitatively assayed against deoxynucleotide standards using MS/MS and the abundance is reported.'

with the above patent floating around since 2014, at law, the information and knowledge expressed in that patent is assumed to be possessed and known by our regulatory 'experts'

plenty of those clowns have plenty of explaining to do .. the questions will not be nice .. the outcomes less so

.. and then there are the millions if not billions of contaminated humans

the genome of humanity has been poisoned irreversibly .. let that sink in

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Does this not publicly verify that the ‘vaccines’ are GMO’s and should have been assessed as such in Australia?

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"For those who are vaccinated, I would now be relaxed."

Now or not? If he means 'now', no, they shouldn't be. They should be livid they were lied to in a massive conspiracy involving corporations and governments. The fact small time, independent labs have to raise the alarm whilst governments knowingly cover it up and corporations knowingly propagate it is absolutely criminal.

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Finally some common sense appears in the echo chamber of the Internet.

"May potentially integrate into human DNA"."........ because we simply do not know." That word "may" and the last line is spot on. "We simply do not know" take note those who think the integration into DNA is a done deal. Its not and will not be until appropriate research by those who practice "Science" not "antiscienceism" do that and prove it is the case. Good work as usual mate.

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Aussie, thank you for another great article. Our USA mainstream media doesn't cover the Plandemic/Jibby Jab subject, so it's encouraging that more folks are willing to speak up publicly.

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This DNA contamination is mentioned frequently, but no one ever talks about what the potential health impacts are. What are they?

It's implied here the DNA degrades over time in the vaccinated. What does that mean exactly? Can it be passed down to next generation?

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The DoD did this! Pharma willingly participated in all of it but our government led the way. That is why it will be so difficult to hold anyone accountable. No one in government is ever held accountable for anything.

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Event 201 continues, as planned...

( the resolution must be televised )

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Time to look at the big picture. Which companies are the biggest shareholders in almost every major corporation in the world? Which companies profit from endless wars? Which companies promote divisive issues, globally? Which companies have the wealth to crash the global economy? Blackrock and Vanguard. Combine these companies with the rest of the world's wealthy elite and the answers become obvious. Not a conspiracy theory, just a conspiracy.

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Three guesses as to who is a major funder of the TGA.

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Take note that there's not one mention in this news report re. how the lipid nanoparticles breach the cell membrane taking the DNA into the cell or about the SV40 promoter & it's primary purpose ... to target the nucleus.


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When Each One Dies

So Too Does A Piece Of The Bullshit

They All Believed.


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Thanks Aussie

Added it in to the growing list of 'what the heck is in these shots'


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And this how you make zombies..... ffs.... wtf do we even do at this point? This is so horrifying.

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As I understand now, even though I'm UnVaXXed & haven't "had" the refined bioweapon injected, it is very, very likely that I would test positive to SPIKE PROTEIN. That the Sheeple took the bait then went home & shedded on The Innocent. That The World's humans are ALL compromised. I honestly wonder, have we been killed and we wait to drop? We should kill every billionaire on the planet, before Humanity dies out. FINAL VENGEANCE.

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