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Germany's Developing Scandal!

Who are they taking orders from??

In a scandal dubbed the "#RKIFiles," over 2000 pages of documents (printer ink alert: half of which are blackened/retracted!) from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)—you know, the cornerstone of Germany's disease control—have been released. What they reveal is as close to a bureaucratic faceplant as you can get.

Here's the situation: Although the leaked documents indicate that the pandemic risk was deemed moderate to low, Germany aggressively imposed an economic shutdown. This action led to widespread business closures, a significant economic downturn, and numerous other detrimental effects resulting from the lockdowns, suggesting that the remedy was much more damaging than the problem itself.

And why? Because, if you can believe it, they were allegedly following "orders from outside." The natural question that follows is, "Who in the world has the audacity to order around a sovereign nation?"

Journalist Florian Warweg (@FWarweg) sought clear answers from the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) in a quest that turned infuriating. He demanded to know why, despite the RKI's classification of the threat as minor, there was a push to grind the economy to a halt. The BMG's reply was infuriatingly evasive, amounting to a lesson in dodging questions: "These are internal RKI protocols and as the BMG, we generally do not comment on them."

Not one to back down, Warweg dug deeper, especially into the sudden shift in risk assessment from the RKI that led to the lockdown. Again, the BMG recited their favorite refrain: "These are internal RKI protocols..." It's the bureaucratic equivalent of covering your ears and shouting, "I don’t want to answer your question because there are some shit underneath it!"

Let's not mince words: this is a travesty of accountability. If these decisions were puppeteered by external forces rather than being anchored in solid science, it's not just a German problem—it's a glaring red flag for the majority of countries globally that took instructions from some “supranational” force, as Mike Yeadon said.

It brings up some rather uncomfortable thoughts about who's really in the driver's seat when it comes to national health policies. And it throws a spotlight on the need for transparency, accountability, and, dare I say, a spine when it comes to standing up for sovereign decision-making.

Thankfully, we have some people with real spines demanding answers. Enter Michael Kuhr, kickboxing legend turned sharp-tongued politician, armed to the teeth with stats that spell disaster. Kuhr isn't pulling any punches, lambasting both the government's handling of the crisis and their deafening silence in the aftermath. (VIDEO SOURCE)

Kuhr blasts out the truth with stats that hit you like a freight train: "It is officially confirmed by the Berlin Fire Brigade that the number of operations for heart complaints in the year 2023 has increased by 56.3 percent compared to the pre-Corona times. For strokes, this increase is 43.4 percent." He then drops a bomb about the potential life-shortening effects on the heavily vaccinated, suggesting a life expectancy drop to 56 years from the norm of 82-83 years for those jabbed five times.

This isn't just about accountability anymore; it's about demanding answers, transparency, and a commitment to never again allow such mishandling. Both the bewildering evasions from the BMG and Kuhr's damning revelations underline a desperate need for a deep clean in the way decisions are made and communicated.

Warweg's frustration, Kuhr's damning statistics, this shouldn't just incite anger but a demand for action. For a thorough investigation, for clarity, for the truth. We're not just subjects to be led blindly. It's high time for those in power to remember that and act accordingly. Enough of obfuscations and deflections; it's time for some real answers!

Just to clarify, if Michael Kuhr looks familiar to you, it's because he's the former five-time kickboxing world champion turned politician who was famously featured in a viral video years ago, handling a bully—although the video is so blurry it looks as though it was filmed with a potato.. [SOURCE]

The scenario involved someone trying to forcefully enter a club, unaware that their obstacle, the bouncer, was actually Michael Kuhr. In a twist, Kuhr had the troublemaker's brother's phone number. It's good to see Michael Kuhr step up in front of politicians and bureaucrats and stand with us on the right side of history!

For more information and background on the #RKIFiles please watch this excellent 8 mins video[SOURCE] from Stefan Homburg, a retired economics professor formerly directing the Institute of Public Finance at the University of Hannover.

Signing off for now

PS: Also check out Julians commentary here: “Zee Germans did not follow Zer science!”

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