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Eminent Dutch Molecular Biologist and Cancer Researcher Dr. Maarten Fornerod Alarmed and Surprised by Post-Vaccine Cancer Spike, Urges Halt on Vaccinations!

"...And there are a lot of them, which are becoming more and more. They also appear in the literature that there are cancers that accelerate after the messenger RNA booster."

In recent days, the debate over the safety and the long-term effects of COVID-19 vaccinations, particularly mRNA boosters, has intensified, eliciting concerns from various quarters of the scientific community. Prominent among these voices is Dr. Maarten Fornerod, a respected Dutch molecular biologist and cancer researcher, whose insights have propelled the conversation into the realm of urgent discourse.

Dr. Fornerod, relying on both emerging studies and clinical anecdotes, has echoed the alarming calls to reassess the continued use of mRNA vaccines in a recent blckbx News broadcast. [SOURCE]

Following a deeply concerning Japanese peer-reviewed paper (above) indicating a spike in cancer mortality following the administration of the third mRNA booster, Dr. Fornerod candidly shared his apprehensions: "...And there are a lot of them, which are becoming more and more. They also appear in the literature that there are cancers that accelerate after the messenger RNA booster. So, I think it's quite clear that it occurs..."

Dr. Fornerod's observation, "…you see the increased cancer mortality in Japan…" and "…there are still many indications that specifically these mRNA vaccines could be carcinogenic…," indeed, highlights critical concerns.

Just this week, on April 15, 2024, eminent oncologist and Associate Dean from Brown University, Dr. Wafik El-Deiry, released his preprint illustrating how the spike protein inhibits the p53 gene in our bodies.

In very layman and simple terms, DNA damages occur all the time within our body especially during cell division which happens in us all the time. As we get older, or as we get exposed to stresses like electromagnetic waves (i.e. 5G, etc), or consuming lots of processed foods, it increases DNA damages in our body. Thankfully, most of us have working P53 genes that activates whenever it detects any DNA damages. P53 basically tells the cells to stop dividing, repairs the DNA damages and then green lights the cells to start diving again! When P53 detects that DNA damages are too much, it instructs the cells to go kill themselves instead of replicating further. It’s like a very cool repair engineer in our body, keeping DNA damages at bay before they develop into cancer.

Dr. El-Deiry is considered on of the most prominent leading figureheads in P53 gene. His work in p53 gene goes all the way back to 1992. Dr. El-Deiry found out how the p53 protein, which helps prevent tumors, attaches to our DNA. This important finding, shared in the journal Nature Genetics in 1992, has helped us understand which genes are directly influenced by p53 to stop cancer growth. He also discovered a gene named p21, which p53 affects. p21 acts like a brake in our cells, slowing down their division, especially when they're under stress.

What did Dr. El-Deiry discover? Essentially, he uncovered that the spike protein blocks the p53 gene's function. Does this imply that everyone will develop cancer? Not necessarily. However, without the protective action of the p53 gene, the likelihood of cancer rises significantly, especially in those with more DNA damage. What if the spike protein continues to be produced non-stop? One can only imagine!

You can read more about it here from Rebekah Barnett’s substack.

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Anyway, Dr Maarten Fornerod's stance on the experimental gene therapy is clear and unequivocal: "...Well, first of all, stop the vaccinations. Because they are not very safe, not very effective. Certainly not now..." This call to action, stemming from an expert deeply entrenched in the study of cancer, merits serious consideration and further investigation.

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