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Slovak New Prime Minister Robert Fico BEGINS Investigation into COVID Management and Experimental Vaccines

"Ladies and have seen the statistics, how deaths due to various cardiovascular incidents increased because of vaccination?"

In a recent parliamentary address, Slovakia's newly elected Prime Minister Robert Fico, who took office in October 2023, has made good on his campaign promise to scrutinize the country's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing particularly on the role of vaccines.

Drawing attention to what he describes as a significant rise in cardiovascular deaths linked to vaccination, Robert Fico questioned the previous administrations' decisions regarding the procurement of medical supplies and the adoption of certain health measures.

"Ladies and have seen the statistics, how deaths due to various cardiovascular incidents increased because of vaccination?" Fico challenged his political counterparts, emphasizing the controversial nature and what he believes to be the detrimental effects of vaccines that were released to the public without thorough testing. He pointedly criticized the previous governments' reliance on what he termed "experimental vaccines," raising concern over the lack of prior trials before their widespread administration.

Fico's address also highlighted alleged mismanagement of resources, citing expired vaccine stocks and financial wastefulness. "What do you know about how many vaccines we had left, which expired, and how much money was thrown into the air?" he asked, underscoring his administration's commitment to transparency and accountability in the aftermath of the pandemic.

In addition, the Prime Minister accused certain Slovak companies and political figures of profiting from the pandemic, insinuating that connections between Trnava-based companies and opposition party leaders facilitated unnecessary procurement of medical equipment and tests. “What do you know about purchases of medical equipment and tests?” Fico demanded, signaling an intent to expose and address these wrongdoings comprehensively.

During his speech, Prime Minister Fico was particularly critical of the European Union's handling of vaccine procurement, alluding to secret communications between the President of the European Commission and Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla. "You know I was very open, I told the President of the European Commission, that those suspicions...where she literally exchanged secret SMSes with the CEO of Pfizer...simply, we will never see the truth about what role pharmaceutical companies played and who actually orchestrated this whole circus around COVID," Fico stated.

In a step towards fulfilling his promise for a thorough investigation into these matters, the Slovak government has initiated the creation of a government commissioner's office dedicated to investigating the COVID-19 crisis. Fico announced the appointment of a commissioner and underscored the office's mandate to collect information from various health institutions and to uncover the truth behind the country's COVID-19 response strategy.

Dr. Peter Kotlár was appointed as the government's official proxy to lead the inquiry into the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I think that Mr. Deputy of the National Council, Dr. Kotlár, is sufficiently equipped in terms of information...And I am absolutely convinced that his work will lead to results, which we will publish. And we will tell the Slovak public what actually happened during COVID for God's sake," Fico declared, aligning with his vision of a government that prioritizes the welfare of its citizens over profit.

PM Fico concluded his address by holding the previous administrations accountable for the loss of 21,000 lives and the financial exploitation observed in the unnecessary procurement of medical supplies and vaccines. His commitment to investigating these issues manifests a pivotal moment in Slovakia's post-pandemic era, aiming to pave the way for a more transparent and accountable governance structure.

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