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New Slovak PM Calls Out Big Pharma, Mainstream Media and the World Health Organization

"The media covered the opening, you remember, and now I quote that everyone unvaccinated should squeal in pain like a pig."

Slovakia's recently elected Prime Minister, Robert Fico, has issued a forthright challenge to the influence of pharmaceutical companies and the proposed pandemic treaty that would expand WHO's powers. Taking office on October 25, 2023, he wasted no time in addressing the heated issues surrounding the pandemic response.

In an impassioned speech, Fico recalled a divisive period in public discourse, drawing attention to past media statements: "The media covered the opening, you remember, and now I quote that everyone unvaccinated should squeal in pain like a pig." Such rhetoric highlights the stark divisions that emerged over approaches to vaccination.

The Prime Minister delved into the retrospective evaluation of the pandemic response, positioning his stance clearly against the rapid adoption of what he described as "mass vaccination with untested experimental vaccines." Fico emphasized the need for transparency and accountability, stating his government's intent to scrutinize the financial execution of previous health interventions.

Moreover, Fico was firm in articulating his administration's stance against global health governance measures that might impinge on national sovereignty, specifically rejecting any initiative that would bolster the WHO's influence in Slovak affairs without clear consent from the Slovak Republic's governing bodies.

"The direction of Slovak social democracy will not support the strengthening powers of WHO at the expense of sovereign states in managing the war against the pandemic," Fico announced.

The Prime Minister's declaration represents a significant policy position for Slovakia, suggesting a pivot towards greater national control over health policies and skepticism towards WHO and Big Pharma. The last three years have clearly awakened many people to WHO's power grab, and it appears that this is accelerating, as the Philippines also declared formal investigations into excess deaths recently.

The video is sourced from Robert Fico’s Facebook Page.

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PharmaFiles by Aussie17