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Pfizer Event Staffer Admits to Avoiding mRNA Jab during a Pfizer Vaccination campaign.

(Leaked Audio) Pfizer Event Rep : "Honestly, I took Sinovac! hehehe"

Pfizer's latest stint, "Project Vax," has been making waves, and not just any waves - but those that have even caught the eye of the esteemed Dr. Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford's School of Medicine. The campaign's choice of visual - think classic Soviet propaganda but with a pharmaceutical twist - couldn't help but stir a chuckle.

[Jay Bhattacharya’s Tweet Source]

But dig a bit deeper, especially into the video clip above (SOURCE), and you'll unearth something quite peculiar. There's this whole charade about "Making a Pledge," as if you're swearing into knighthood rather than just rolling up your sleeve for a shot. Pfizer is here using a psychological play straight out of a textbook; it's not merely a vaccination, it's your solemn oath to humanity, your solemn promise to do your bit in some grander global scheme.

This maneuver taps into a primal need for belonging and purpose, packaging a medical decision as a moral high ground. However, dressing up a health choice with the emotional weight of a pledge blurs the lines between personal health autonomy and social coercion.

The moment Pfizer's "Project Vax" came into my view, it was like flipping a switch, dragging me back to my Pharma days. Back then, I learned the cardinal rule that you just don't see Pharma companies hawking their products directly to the unsuspecting public. That's a big no-no. The official playbook says you market to the medical professionals, not the patients — except, of course, in the US and New Zealand, where direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertisements are part of the landscape.

But here's Pfizer, strutting across the stage with "Project Vax," acting like they've got the run of the place. And why wouldn't they? Their ties with regulators and political bigwigs seem to give them a sense of invincibility, a belief that they can bend the rules without consequence.

Typically, Pharma's approach to boosting drug sales is more covert, wrapping their intentions in “Disease Awareness Campaigns”. They'd rather create fear educate you on the horrors of cancer or the risks of heart disease than mention their products outright. But if you attend an event or visit their site, suddenly you're on a path straight to their "partnered" doctors, who unsurprisingly, lean towards prescribing their drugs over any competitors'. That's Pharma marketing 101 – indirect, insidious, and incredibly effective.

Thankfully, people are finally opening their eyes to Pfizer's manipulative tactics, as they're met with a wave of outraged citizens shining a light on the dark corners of Pfizer’s so-called experimental vaccines - tainted with e.coli DNA and peppered with undisclosed SV40 promoters. . But wait, the plot thickens when Pfizer's very own carnival barkers, I mean, event reps, with a straight face, assure us that their glittering "Project Vax" extravaganza isn't about vaccinations at all. How utterly preposterous!

Stick around until the end of the video, and you'll catch a moment of pure comedic gold – a Pfizer event rep confesses they opted for the Chinese vaccine rather than their own brand of experimental mRNA wizardry. Talk about the punchline of the century!

The DNA Contamination news making waves with scientists worldwide!

Dr. Hiroshi Arakawa from the Institute of Molecular Biology recently (Mar 11, 2024) blogged about the DNA contamination issue in Pfizer's experimental gene therapy and it is making waves within the scientific community.

Here is a snippet of his blog (translated from Japanese). He calls the situation a "time bomb."

"This time, what was confirmed in the placenta was not only the spike protein, but also the vaccine mRNA itself, and this fact indicates that the transfer of mRNA preparations inoculated to pregnant women into the placenta is a fatal flaw common to all LNP/mRNA preparations. It shows me something again. If LNP-wrapped mRNA can reach the intrauterine environment, the same can be said of LNP-wrapped contaminant DNA. Contaminant DNA may also be transfected into the fetus, which has a small number of cells. The toxicity of the coronavirus vaccine in the uterine environment predicts the induction of premature birth and miscarriage, as well as the impact on congenital physical and intellectual disabilities.

Or, even if you appear to be a healthy newborn, you may be carrying a time bomb that you don't know when it will go off in the future. It is believed that the coronavirus vaccine is also largely involved in the current decline in Japan's birth rate. As long as mRNA vaccination continues, there are concerns that the declining birthrate and population decline will further accelerate."

Dr Hiroshi Arakawa, 11 March 2024 [SOURCE]

Indeed, there is a shocking surge in Stillbirths and Perinatal death post vaccination.

Dr. James Thorp, an obstetrical clinician with over 44 years of experience, has also voiced his concerns about the risks this experimental gene therapy poses to pregnant women and their fetuses.

Anyway, other than that, everything in the world appears to be fine /s.

Signing off for now

P.S.: The individual featured in the video clip above is Ms. Iris Koh, a citizen journalist from Singapore. Please consider showing your support by signing her petition here.

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