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My Weekend Rant: Princess of Wales’ Cancer Diagnosis and a Spate of Coincidences on the Soccer Field!


In the span of just one seemingly cursed week, a series of alarming incidents unfolded, painting a grim picture that one might expect to dominate headlines and provoke widespread concern. Yet, what's perhaps more shocking than the incidents themselves is the near silence from mainstream media. From the football fields across the globe to the royal residences of the United Kingdom, the pattern of health crises striking individuals down in their prime cannot, and should not, be ignored.

Our troubling week began on March 10, 2024, with the collapse of Ahmed Refaat, an Egyptian footballer, who suffered a rare and sudden cardiac arrest during a match.

Medical professionals, baffled by his condition, described it as something they had never encountered before. Yet, this was only the beginning.

Within the week, Makhehleni Makhaula, another professional football player from Orlando Pirates, collapsed mid-game on March 17, 2024. The announcer's voice, laden with concern, underscored a creeping realization: this wasn't an isolated incident but part of a disturbing trend.

The very next day, March 18, 2024, further compounded our fears when Javier Altamirano, a 24-year-old Chilean footballer, suffered a seizure caused by a rare brain thrombosis during a match in Argentina.

The cases of sudden health emergencies among athletes didn't end there. Kristoffer Olsson, a midfielder from Sweden, tragically became part of this pattern when he was diagnosed with multiple small blood clots on both sides of his brain, stemming from an extremely not-so rare inflammatory condition. This diagnosis in early March followed a distressing event on February 20, 2024, when Olsson collapsed at home, losing consciousness, and subsequently being placed on a ventilator.

This medical mystery, alongside the heartache of athletes and figures in public eye facing inexplicable health crises, raises grave concerns.

Away from the professional sporting arena, on the same week, tragedy struck at a prestigious school in Windsor. A 17-year-old Eton College student, Raphaël Pryor, collapsed and died while playing a sport, sending shockwaves through his community.

And then, as if the week hadn't delivered enough blows, we were hit with the news that seemed to encapsulate the sheer absurdity and despair of our times. On March 23, 2024, Princess Catherine shared her cancer diagnosis, a revelation that followed closely on the heels of King Charles making public his own battle last month with the disease. Now, you might think, what’s odd about two members of the royal family facing health issues? Well, here’s where the plot thickens and takes a dive into the realm of incredulity.

The royal household, it appears, has been engaged in a delicate balancing act, seemingly trying to orchestrate the timing of these announcements with the finesse of a circus juggler. The aim? To avoid having them too close together, presumably in an attempt to prevent the public from connecting the dots and questioning the overarching health narrative that's been pushed down their throats.

The level of manipulation doesn't stop there; it verges on the ludicrous, with doctored photographs and a media strategy that’s more about obfuscation than transparency.

Let's call a spade a spade. This isn’t just about protecting the royal image or maintaining public calm; it’s about controlling the narrative at a time when more and more question marks pop up around the safety and implications of recent health interventions – a medical fiasco, if you will. The lengths they've gone to, doctoring photographs to manage public perception, reads like something out of a badly written spy novel. Yet, here we are, expected to nod along and accept these half-baked attempts at smokescreening.

Across the globe, in Japan, in a particularly painful blow to fans of manga across the globe, Akira Toriyama, a legendary figure best known for creating the Dragon Ball series, and a personal favorite of many including myself, died of a brain aneurysm in in the same month.

Then, we learn his assistant announced he had a brain tumor. But wait, there's a punchline: Sales for the brain cancer drug Temodal, soared coincidentally after the medical experimentation began. A coincidence? Hardly seems so. This timing isn't just suspect; it's practically a slapstick cue for those paying attention.

These alarming incidents demand more than passive acknowledgment; they call for rigorous investigation and public discourse. Despite this, there seems to be a concerted effort within mainstream media and governmental bodies to downplay these crises.

For years, the narrative pushed forward has been one of unwavering faith in the safety and efficacy of the vaccine experimental gene therapy. Now, as a variety of individuals across different walks of life, from athletes at the peak of their fitness to young students and venerable public figures, face severe health issues, the refusal to even consider revisiting this narrative is, frankly, irresponsible.

The lack of transparency, inquiry, and coverage is a disservice to the public's right to understand and interpret these events. Questions must be asked, and patterns must be scrutinized. To ignore the call for investigation and silence the voices urging caution and examination is a failure not only of journalistic integrity but of the duty to protect public health and welfare. It is time for the media, for governments, and for society at large to confront these incidents head-on, seeking answers and accountability rather than retreating into silence or denial.

Signing off for now

(Update) Just a few hours after I posted this article, I found out that another soccer player collapsed and this one died!

P.S. I sincerely ask for your support in my journey of citizen journalism. In a world where mainstream media often falls short, I believe it's crucial for voices like ours to step in and fill the gap. Sadly, I don't have the backing of any major organization to aid my endeavors. I've dedicated myself to this cause, offering all my articles for free, driven by passion rather than profit. My intention isn't to build a long-term business from the medical controversies we face today; I plan to conclude my efforts once the public becomes more aware and informed. For now, any support you can offer, be it through a subscription or buying me a coffee, would be profoundly appreciated.

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