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Japanese Professors' from "Vaccine Study Group" Unveils "Unprecedented" Side Effects in Press Release, Jan 11, 2024

"This kind of reporting on drug side effects or the like is unprecedented."

On January 11, 2024, in Japan, the Vaccine Issues Study Group convened a press conference to reveal the critical and worrisome findings of their initial six-month investigations into the side effects of vaccines. The results, as presented by a panel of esteemed medical experts, have been nothing short of alarming, drawing particular attention to a wide range of medical concerns, from cancer to neurological disorders.

Professor Emeritus Masanori Fukushima of Kyoto University urgently addressed the diverse array of side effects uncovered by their study. “A systematic review of the literature has unveiled some shocking information," he stated, setting a grave tone from the outset. "Thousands of papers have reported side effects after vaccination, affecting every possible aspect of human pathology – from ophthalmology to psychiatry." Noting the broad scope of these findings, he highlighted that "This kind of reporting on drug side effects or the like is unprecedented."

Providing more specifics, Professor Fukushima mentioned significant spikes in certain conditions following vaccination campaigns, "For example, the age-adjusted mortality rate for leukemia has increased. And there are significant findings for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and so on," pointing to serious implications for critical illness due to vaccines, which is unlike anything previously documented.

The press conference did not shy away from discussing the suppression of such information. "Japanese doctors are trying hard, but they face various obstructions," Professor Fukushima remarked, shedding light on the undercurrents of medical censorship that have stonewalled professional discourse around the vaccination issues.

On brain-related adverse events, the evidence was equally disturbing, with Professor Fukushima expressing, "mental disorders, psychiatric symptoms, depression, mania, anxiety, came up in abundance, but it's endless." He emphasized that the sheer volume and variety of neurological issues raised in response to the vaccines were unforeseeable, "So this is just a part of it."

Speaking out about the implications of these findings, Professor Yasufumi Murakami from Tokyo University of Science did not mince words regarding the responsibility to halt the use of vaccines based on their adverse effects. "It's very clear what happens when you administer a toxic gene to a human. There are cases that occur within one or two weeks after injection, but there are also many cases that appear after one or two years," he specified, indicating the long-term risks involved with vaccine-induced conditions.

The novelty of the immune response to the vaccine was also a major point of discussion, with Professor Murakami highlighting that "with the current messenger-type vaccines, a significant amount of IgG4 is being induced," which defies the expectations for a normal vaccine response and could interfere with immune functions.

Professor Masayasu Inoue, Emeritus Professor at Osaka City University School of Medicine, reaffirmed the gravity and the unforeseen nature of these issues. "It is unprecedented in human history for a single vaccine to have this much literature out on it," he said. Such a statement draws attention to the historically unparalleled level of concern and scrutiny the vaccines have attracted.

Wrapping up the discourse with a sobering critique, Professor Masanori Fukushima emphasized the indiscriminate dissemination of mRNA vaccines throughout the body. “It doesn’t know where to go. If it goes into the bloodstream, it goes to the brain, liver, and kidneys," he explained, painting a picture of potential systemic vulnerability widely overlooked by the public and professionals alike.

Fukushima then addressed the superficial level of understanding that has been guiding the current vaccine narrative. “With fragments of such knowledge, they exaggerate things and think they can go with this," he remarked, hinting at a misplaced confidence among authorities who promote the vaccines as safe and effective based on an incomplete grasp of the facts.

Calling for a foundational review of biological understanding, he stated, “So, honestly, they need to go back and redo from middle school biology to high school and university entrance exams." This stark advice implied that those at the helm of decision-making lacked the necessary biological insight to comprehend the full spectrum of vaccine implications.

He succinctly summed up the situation by acknowledging the nascent state of modern medicine, "As I mentioned earlier, medicine is still immature." This final note served as a cautionary reminder that the medical field must adopt a more circumspect and knowledge-driven approach in its dealings with new and emerging medical technologies like mRNA.

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