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Very brave physicians, I hope they don’t get treated like their counterparts in western countries.

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Thank you Aussie 17. I will share this for sure.

Where are the RESULTS of the New Zealand Study commissioned here in New Zealand by Pfizer on the Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccination of New Zealand. They gave $8,000,000 towards this then the largest study ever commissioned for a vaccine.

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They basically said:

"If it does not get you straight way, just wait. It will".

Remember it took years for Thalidomide to be recognised for its effects here in Aus. I imagine the same will apply for these shots. But by then, way too late for most people.

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Much thanks for this Aussie17.

A former student gave me a heads up about Prof Fukushima's Jan. 11 X post, and when we settled down to translate it for English speakers, discovered you had already done so. In the meantime, I held off on publishing the following in anticipation of an upcoming post from you. https://steven45.substack.com/p/science-and-the-japanese-corporate

As with several of your previous posts, I will be sharing this with several 'private' Facebook groups.

Wishing you a prosperous New Year.

Cheers from Kawasaki.

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Killed my mother with sudden onset myasthenia gravis....doctors missed the diagnosis completely. I, unvaccinated....and had been following the research of those raising the alarm, diagnosed her correctly (confirmed after her death) . The doctors starved and dehydrated her....treating her as a heart and stroke patient. Yet, no evidence on scans of either a stroke or a heart attack. When I got in to see her (limits on visitors), I knew something did not add up. Told them to get a neurologist in because it looked like MG. Turns out I was right, but they even failed to start treatment like they said they would.

Meanwhile, I know of another loved one who was hospitalized for a month. Pretty sure he is suffering from autoimmune encephalitis, but presents like he had a psychotic break and is mentally ill. Try getting anyone in the medical system to consider that a vaccine injury....even though there is plenty of research and literature on that adverse effect. And try to get the impacted individual to seek help. In short, our government and big pharma fu$led us. And they want us to believe “mistakes were made”. BS

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Aussie, Thank you so much for posting this. These doctors and scientists seem determined to get to the bottom of death and side effects from the jab. Another interesting aspect was the Japanese press actually ask questions. A must watch segment.

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I had a friend staying with me and she forgot her body lotion and asked to borrow some.

I gave her one of mine and she immediately showed me an app in how to look up how dangerous the ingredients are in a rating system.

She’s all in on the jab. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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"Thousands of papers have reported side effects after vaccination, affecting every possible aspect of human pathology – from ophthalmology to psychiatry."

As I noted in an article I wrote about 'behind the scenes' work to paying subscribers, back in Feb 3rd 2023 (https://thedailybeagle.substack.com/p/q-and-a-session-for-paying-subscribers), I remarked:

"I have spent the last four days attempting to get in touch with Dr Masanori Fukushima to attempt to assist him in his fight with the Japanese government."

"I’m of the impression that Dr Fukushima may not speak English, which is going to present communication difficulties, however I have referred the >800 studies list showing SARS-CoV-2 vaccine harms to Dr Fukushima."

It appears, based on your comment, he has received the list. I gave him the original URL which periodically updates. It now stands at over 960 studies showing harms.

Here's a copy:


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I thank God that I refused to take that dangerous Gene altering injection

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Great find as always!

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It's hard to be humble when doctors are only now realizing what is going on when some of us knew it from day one and were totally ignored. People will continue to only hold credentials as being worth listening to so they put their life into jeopardy and their children's life. But not just them, when they fall for mind control in such great numbers, they put our lives in jeopardy as ell.

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Good for them. This is excellent news.

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This maybe a ridiculous comment, but I have always believed that the globalist parasitical scum tell us what they will do, are doing and have done - long story based on what and how (I believe they are after). So whilst these investigations and presentations are I suppose good to see; I doubt very much their would come to be published if it were not deliberate (... told you maybe a ridiculous comment).

One other thing is that they mock us as well; making everything so obvious - just a coincidence that the Dr's name is "Fukushima" - although a fairly common surname ?.

Right tin hat back on now.

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Pascal Najadi identifies Covid-19 as a deliberate globalist democide that killed his mother.

Mr. Najadi, an insider of the WEF, now labels it a den of evil. He holds WEF responsible for poisoning 5.7 billion people, including his mother, with a poison bioweapon as a democide [read govt killing]. The agenda of the WEF is for national representatives to grant sovereign political authority to the WEF for global domination. The program for their upcoming meeting is to again address the lack of public trust. Ref. https://rumble.com/v3qf7ig-breaking-documentary-short-cutting-off-the-head-of-the-snake-geneva-switzer.html

A considerable amount of money has been involved in the WEF development. What sources of the funds, beyond Gates, should we look for ?

Globalist territorial domination projects have required much money. Michel Chossudovsky [GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY AND THE NWO] and William Blum [KILLING HOPE; US MILITARY AND CIA INTERVENTIONS] have identified the IMF to scheme financial domination of nations. John Perkins, as a front point man, identifies Wall Street financiers to be behind the IMF in CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN. Major Wall Street financiers have been identified to be Rothschild affiliates and organizers of the Federal Reserve.

WHO, as a component of the United Nations created by Wall Street financiers, has plans for global control by medical passports and national lockdowns. Fauci, while developing Covid-19, was desperately looking for funds. Where the funds came from is unknown.

The CIA is alleged to have been developed by Wall Street, using their crony Allen Dulles, to cover their nefarious acts under a cloak of National Security. One of the CIA’s first coups in 1953 used Kermit Roosevelt and two suitcases stuffed with cash to put the Shah back on the Peacock Throne so Wall Street oil moguls could receive control of the nationalized Iranian British Petroleum oil fields. Many more CIA coups have benefited Wall Street interests. It is assumed Davos’ attendees who want to protect their current status are mindful of this.

The IMF’s use of sanctions to achieve national domination has a role in the current seizure of an Iranian oil tanker and a million barrels of oil that may kindle open hostile military action.

The Federal Reserve is among other global bankers currently seeking direct withdrawal control of depositors’ accounts by CBDC. This control is what Trudeau [a disciple of Klaus Schwab] used in Canada to seize funds of truck businesses and China has imposed on their people. Total control of individuals’ financial earnings was outlawed in 1866. But talk at Davos will center around controlling climate by farmers and cow farts.

The Fed has been accused of profiting from their receiving deficit spending Treasury securities [as collateral for book-entry credit on government ledgers] which seem to disappear after being received. The Fed has exclusive control, as a fiscal agent of the government, over the formulation, auctioning, and disbursement of auction funds from Treasury securities for redeeming maturing securities. Ref: 31 CFR §375.3. All profit of the Fed belongs to the government. Those accounts, currently handling > $15 trillion annually, have never been audited. The lost funds exceed $33 Trillion.

The GAO has standing authority to audit any accounts of government funds upon congressional direction without additional legislation.   FOIA is also valid for any official record of any FR bank record.  Bloomberg v Fed, aff'd, 601 F.3d 143 (2d Cir. 2010).

Where do we go from here ??

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Judge orders CDC to release 7.8 million text-based responses submitted to V-safe


Yesterday, American attorney Aaron Siri announced that a judge had ordered the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) to release additional text-based information collected by the V-safe online application. The information pertains to 7.8 million records submitted by more than 10 million V-safe users, typically detailing injuries after being injected with a covid “vaccine.”

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