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Italian Police Unions Sound the Alarm Over Surge in Officer Deaths Post-COVID-19 Vaccination

"exponential increase in sudden deaths from diseases among state police officers."

On January 20, 2024, journalist and TV presenter Karina Michelin shed light on a concerning situation within the Italian Police Union (OSA). The union has urgently appealed to the authorities, flagging a worrying occurrence of illnesses and sudden deaths within its ranks. These incidents have sparked grave concerns regarding a potential link to the COVID-19 vaccinations. With a firm resolve, the OSA is calling for transparency and an exhaustive inquiry into these mysterious and unsettling developments.

In a recent statement, the Union disclosed a surge in health-related issues post-vaccination, marked by a mysterious rise in mortality rates among seemingly healthy officers. The rising death toll has rattled the police force, raising questions and commanding action.

"Here we have young colleagues, 29, 34, 40 years old – but people who were well. In the last month, from December 15th until today, I became aware of seven police officers who died suddenly. In the last year, we are almost at 50, if not more.". Antonio Porto, Secretary-General of the Italian Police Union, emphasized.

These startling numbers come amidst an absence of official data, pressing the Union to demand comprehensive records from the General Directorate. The OSA has formally reached out to the Ministry of the Interior for a precise account of the deaths, pointing out an "exponential increase in sudden deaths from diseases among state police officers."

This concern isn't isolated. The penitentiary police are also sounding the alarm. Aldo Di Giacomo, Secretary-General of the Penitentiary Police Union, shared equally alarming numbers during an appearance on the Italian program "Fori dal Coro."

"In the last 13 months, we had 41 penitentiary police officers who died of sudden deaths, with a 200% increase compared to previous years," Di Giacomo reported. "But these data on these sudden deaths worry us, and not a little."

The Italian Police Unions are now confronting a deeply concerning trend, pressing the authorities for an investigation to uncover the truth behind these incidents.

As the Unions await a response from the government, the need for action has never been clearer. Transparency, data, and the welfare of the officers are at the forefront of this urgent inquiry. The Italian police serve and protect the public — now they seek protection and answers for their own ranks.

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