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Experimental Vaccine Under Fire: Colombia's Health Minister Denounces Experimental Vaccine in Astonishing Outburst!

"Every vaccinated Colombian has contributed to the largest experiment ever conducted in human history"

This week, the Health Minister of Colombia, Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, has sparked significant debate with his fiery remarks suggesting that the entire Colombian population inadvertently became part of a global experiment due to the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Mr. Jaramillo, who is also a surgeon, during his appearance before the First Commission of the Senate of the Republic, made an impactful statement: Every vaccinated Colombian has contributed to the largest experiment ever conducted in human history.”

These comments were made against the backdrop of a political control debate over drug shortages in Colombia. Senators like David Luna from Cambio Radical proposed several strategies to increase the country's access to globally developed pharmaceuticals.

Nevertheless, the Health Minister emphasized the need for cautious and deliberate approval processes for new medications by the national drug regulatory agency, Invima. He raised concerns regarding the approval standards overseas.

Jaramillo critically addressed his congressional colleagues, inquiring about the urgency that led traditionally rigorous countries such as the United States and European nations to compromise standards. “Why the rush to approve drugs, skipping essential phases of clinical trials? The precedent has been set for accepting medications in Phase II of testing, whereas, previously, evaluations would persist through Phase III. What is the cause of this pressure, and why are crucial phases being abbreviated?” he challenged.


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