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BREAKING: Consumer's Association in Malaysia (PPIM) Demands Immediate Withdrawal of mRNA Vaccines Following Alarming Safety Concerns

"This product isn't just a bad product, but indeed must be called back, or withdrawn, for evaluation or feedback or a total review or withdrawal"

In a press conference initiated by the Muslim Consumer's Association (PPIM) in Malaysia on Dec 28, 2023, a collective voice of concern was raised about the safety and efficacy of the current COVID-19 vaccines being administered. The call for the immediate recall of these vaccines comes amidst growing reports of adverse effects from consumers and medical professionals alike.

Dr. Kenny Yong, a COVID-19 survivor and medical doctor involved in vaccine sales and distribution, emphatically stated, "This product isn't just a bad product, but indeed must be called back, or withdrawn, for evaluation or feedback or a total review or withdrawal." Dr. Yong expressed his concerns based on personal experiences with his patients. “Indeed, patients call me saying, 'Doc, you injected me with 3 doses, and now I've got COVID for the 4th time. This feedback isn't just from any doctor speaking casually or someone purposely anti-vaccine. This product, after four years of feedback and product reviews, genuinely has a bad track record; there are various side effects and issues.”

Another speaker, toxicologist Prof. Dr Mustapha Ali, noted for involvement in international drug trials and advisory roles with the WHO, emphasized the gravity of the situation: "Our people are dying. Everywhere we see people are dying, most of them are suffering, they cannot work." The speaker raised profound questions about the position of political figures regarding the vaccines. "After we know that these vaccines bring significant harm, after knowing that, the politicians don't see, do they? And now the world has come to know that this vaccine is not safe, vaccines are not safe; they should be stopped immediately and are being used under emergency situations, which means they are still being studied."

The press conference also heard a grim recap of the concerns expressed by a religious Muslim leader, Ustaz Noor Azman "…today we have a lot of complaints from people who are feeling very sick now. Some of them are now OKUs (People with Disabilities). Some of them cannot work at all. Some of them have even died," highlighting escalating concerns post-vaccination mandates.

Prof. Dr. Aziz Al-Safi, former university speaker who currently runs his own practice, gave a detailed account of the issues attributed to the spike protein found in vaccines. "The spike protein is dangerous because it can go through the blood barrier and go to all parts of the body, causing blockages to occur in the brain causing people to have strokes, go to the heart causing heart attacks, and also to the kidneys, lungs so all these organs are affected," Prof. Dr. Aziz explained. He further outlined alternatives for boosting immunity, such as natural substances like vitamin C, honey, and black seed oil, suggesting that these can potentially serve as safer preventive measures against COVID-19.

In conclusion, the PPIM press conference was a significant event that shed light on the urgent need for a review of the COVID-19 vaccines in use in Malaysia. The shared testimonials and expert opinions point towards a dire need for policymakers to reconsider current vaccine strategies and look into safer, more transparent alternatives in the interest of public health.

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