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A 'PANDEMIC OF VACCINATION': Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts' Fierce Wake-Up Call to the World

"You've got people like Bill Gates, who funds the World Health Organisation. and you've got Fauci, who's a genocidal maniac! Fauci has killed thousands of black Africans doing experiments."

Thank you for tuning into my weekend rant! If you missed it, here's your chance to catch up.

Now, I'm handing over the "rant" baton to none other than our Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts, who, during an interview with Efrat Fenigson, unleashed a fiery tirade that resonates with many of us.

Senator Roberts, voice brimming with disbelief about how Ivermectin, "a proven, safe, effective, affordable, accessible treatment” was ripped away from us. The sheer injustice in his tone is palpable. "You just don't do that to people!" he exclaims, voicing the incredulity and betrayal felt by many. To make matters worse, the government replaced it with what he vehemently describes as a "lethal, untested, unproven drug" — and then had the audacity to make it mandatory, holding our very livelihoods hostage.

The numbers, Senator Roberts points out, are staggering and horrifying. "Around about 26,000 excess deaths for 2022," and what's more alarming is the silence that meets this statistic. "And no one is asking why." There's a sharp edge of frustration in his voice, a profound dismay at the sheer neglect on display.

It only gets darker, as he dives into the suppression and intimidation waged against those in the medical field by regulatory bodies meant to protect us. "Doctors are being silenced," he rails, fury simmering through his words. When over a thousand deaths from injections are whittled down to just 14 acknowledged cases, the manipulation is glaring.

The term "Pandemic of vaccinations" spills from his lips, each word a condemnation of the mass vaccine campaign following COVID-19. Roberts's anger crescendos as he lambasts the global health governance and the individuals at its helm. "These bastards, the parasitic, predatory globalists," he seethes, each word dripping with venom. The allegations he levels at WHO's Tedros — a man he accuses of presiding over an institution rife with sexual misconduct yet doing nothing to curb it — are damning.

“How can I forget Tedros, a known terrorist, presiding over an organisation in which 83 people have filed complaints for sexual abuse and rape?”

But he doesn't stop there. Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci come under his wrath next. Gates, for his financial entanglements with the WHO, GAVI, and the COVID vaccines; Fauci, described as a "genocidal maniac," purportedly responsible for atrocities against humanity in the name of science, as detailed in Robert Kennedy's "The Real Anthony Fauci."

Senator Roberts's anger is shared by many. His words are waking people up. Everyone's beginning to see the damage caused by these greedy few. There's a big wave of anger growing, and soon, it'll crash down on them. Those who did wrong will have to face up to it. Their time to answer for their actions is coming fast.

If you'd like to see his complete 2-hour rant on everything from fake climate change to digital ID and CBDC, and more, please visit Efrat's Substack article below!

You're The Voice | by Efrat Fenigson
Control vs. Freedom - You're The Voice Ep. 28 with Senator Malcolm Roberts
"It's not left versus right. It's control versus freedom." 🎙️ My guest today is Senator Malcolm Roberts, an Australian politician from Queensland and a member of the Australian Senate. With a background in engineering, mining, business and economics, Senator Roberts is a climate realist, challenging mainstream climate science and exposing lies in this f…
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