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STUNNING LEAKED AUDIO: 7News Exposed Behind the Scenes

Lies, Lies and More Lies!

This article is a follow-up to my previous piece on 7News’ coverage of COVID vaccine harms. Just a day after the segment aired, leaked audio surfaced that presented a vastly different perspective. If you haven’t read the previous article, here is the link.

Censored Audio Emerges

The recent coverage by 7News on the experimental mRNA gene vaccines serves as a glaring example of media manipulation aimed at obscuring the truth from the Australian public. This deliberate distortion undermines the legitimate concerns of many Australians who have experienced adverse effects from these vaccines and seeks to suppress the growing awareness among the populace.

In one part of the broadcast segment, 7News selectively presented part of Dr. Robert Booy's statement: "That's great, I'm really pleased for you, but the people who've had COVID, who haven't been vaccinated, get more severe disease, and they're more likely to get long COVID." However, the broadcast conveniently omitted the audience's outraged response, which included shouts of: "Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. That's fucking lies, mate. You should hand your licence back. Snake oil salesman!" This manipulation paints a falsely sanitized narrative, blatantly ignoring the valid discontent and vocal opposition from the public.

Why did they edit out the audience's outraged response? Because, according to the media's playbook, anyone aware of experimental vaccine harms is supposed to be a minuscule, fringe minority. You know, those "absolutely isolated conspiracy theorists" who must be excluded to maintain the illusion of consensus. By sanitizing these reactions, 7News perpetuates the narrative that all dissenters are just a handful of cranks rather than a growing chorus of concerned citizens.

And yet, someone seems to have missed the memo. Just two weeks ago, Rasmussen Polls found that a staggering 33% of people believe the COVID-19 vaccine is "killing large numbers of people." Nearly a quarter of those vaccinated regret their decision, and a third agree with a medical expert's condemnation of the vaccine as deadly. So much for the fringe minority narrative.

Another segment involving Dr. Sanjaya and audience member named Alison was similarly manipulated. Dr. Sanjaya's claim aired as: "And if we're going to see really, really, really, really rare side effects, we've had 7 to 10 billion doses to see those, and we haven't heard of anything unusual at this point, but we will keep looking." Alison's response was truncated to a mere disagreement: "That's not a test. That's just giving it to everybody!

The full response from Alison, which was cut out, illuminated critical information:

"My name is Alison. Why is it that most Australians don't know what this symbol means? This was on your vaccine box, your gene vaccine, the mRNA products for COVID. This was on the box and the insert, it means they are provisionally registered. They would have been illegal in 2016. They changed the law in 2018 to allow products on the market that hadn't finished all the testing required, the full registration. So they were only provisionally registered. This symbol meant your doctor or you were supposed to report any possible side effects to the TGA because they're still building the safety profile of the drug. Because people didn't know about this, they didn't report their side effects. So the TGA does not know the exact number of people who died and were injured from these products. That's why you've got an audience full of angry people. Thank you."

They definitely don’t want the public to know these are "gene-based" experimental vaccines still under testing. By concealing the provisional status and ongoing nature of the trials, they keep people in the dark about the real risks. The truth about the incomplete testing and reliance on post-market surveillance for safety data? That's something they’d rather sweep under the rug, while painting a falsely rosy picture of absolute safety and efficacy.

Let's not forget how Pfizer hid a 66% increase in cardiovascular death rates among the vaccinated after just a 6-month follow-up from the trial, as Dr. David White explains in the article below. These are the so-called "really, really, really, really rare side effects" that Dr. Sanjaya so casually mentioned.

Additionally, Fraiman et al found 1 in 800 serious side effects after reanalyzing the data from Pfizer’s original trial. This is absolutely not rare by any definition.

This deceitful approach only fuels people's suspicions and intensifies their outrage, demanding transparency and accountability. As the audience members rightly shouted, "Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. That's fucking lies, mate!"

A Skewed Panel

If that wasn't infuriating enough, 7News' skewed panel demonstrates clear manipulation. They featured two pro-mRNA vaccine doctors and a pro-vaccine former premier. Among them is Professor Robert Booy, who sits on the government regulator, the Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee, while also receiving assignments and payments from Pfizer and all the related vaccine Big Pharmas. How on earth is that not a glaring conflict of interest?

These individuals, so deeply entrenched in their stances, are the last ones to ever admit their mistakes. Acknowledging the real outcomes of their endorsements of the mRNA experiment would mean accepting that they may have caused more harm than good, potentially resulting in more deaths than they allegedly saved. The only dissenting voice they brought in was an economist, Professor Gigi Foster, who held her own against these two medical experts. But why didn’t they invite more dissenting specialized medical professionals to have a real debate?

Why would they bother inviting any opposing medical voices? It's not like Australia has any, right? Except, of course, for someone like Professor Robert Clancy. You know, just a renowned immunologist, emeritus professor, and former Foundation Chair of Pathology from the University of Newcastle, who has voiced serious concerns about the experimental mRNA vaccines. But who needs that kind of expertise and critical perspective in a balanced discussion when you've already got your narrative all neatly packaged?

But for those of us who prefer to listen to all sides to get a balanced perspective, listen to what Professor Clancy has to say about the mRNA experiment.


And guess what, Professor Dr. Clancy isn’t the only one with a dissenting opinion. Just this week, the Australian Journal of General Practice published another opinion piece reiterating Professor Robert Tindle’s recent article, which dared to explore the possibility that COVID-19 vaccines could be causing some form of immune dysfunction.

Professor Robert Tindle, another renowned immunologist with a distinguished career, holds a research fellowship from the Institute of Cancer Research and earned his credentials from the prestigious University of London. Currently, he is an Emeritus Professor at The University of Queensland and an Adjunct Professor at the Queensland University of Technology. His extensive experience includes being an Emeritus Professor in Immunology at the University of Queensland, Faculty of Science, Brisbane, and a former Director of the Sir Albert Sakzewski Virus Research Centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane. Moreover, he was the Director of the Clinical Medical Virology Centre at the University of Queensland, Brisbane.

In the April 2024 issue of AJGP, Professor Tindle raised concerns that COVID-19 vaccines, approved without long-term safety data, might cause immune dysfunction and contribute to long COVID. He highlighted the potential issues with the spike protein and its implications for autoimmunity and cancer, noting that vaccine effectiveness might decline rapidly, even to the point of negative effectiveness. This perspective adds a significant voice to the ongoing debate about vaccine safety and effectiveness, challenging the mainstream narrative and calling for more comprehensive research and transparency. This issue resurfaced in this month’s AJGP issue with the title, “Should we now discuss possible COVID-19 vaccine negative effectiveness?” Apparently, discussing the negative effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines requires prior approval from the gatekeepers of the mainstream narrative.

Mainstream Media’s Downward Spiral

Selective editing and downplaying the harms of experimental mRNA vaccines, while parading around "bought and paid for" panels of medical experts, is far from honest journalism—it's blatant propaganda. Their strategy to maintain a false consensus and suppress informed dissent is all neatly packaged for the public’s consumption.

But guess what? Australians and people worldwide are not as gullible as they’re made out to be. They’re waking up to this manipulation and deceit. The glaring discrepancies between media broadcasts and their lived experiences are too obvious to ignore. This cherry-picking of information and omission of crucial facts are doing more than just skewing the narrative—they're driving an even bigger wedge between the public and the truth. And these deceptive practices aren’t just one-off stunts; they're part of a grander scheme to pacify rather than inform.

As a result, trust in mainstream media, public health officials, and government bureaucrats is eroding faster than ever. And instead of silencing dissent, this erosion is galvanizing the public to seek out and spread raw, unvarnished truths. There’s a growing clamor for transparency and accountability; people are fed up with half-truths and manipulated narratives.

It’s high time to respect the intelligence of the people. They deserve honest journalism that presents the full story, empowering them to make informed decisions. Let’s not forget that corporate media are often beholden to their sponsors, including government funding and advertisements from corporations that couldn't care less about the public's well-being. Citizen journalism must rise to challenge these skewed narratives and demand the unvarnished truth.

signing off for now,

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