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Shocking! 4th Footballer Collapses on Live TV in Less Than One Month!

24-year-old Frida Maanum, an Arsenal Women midfielder collapses during English League Cup final against Chelsea

Can you believe this nonsense? Here we are, not even a full month has passed, and boom, the FOURTH footballer just drops like a sack of potatoes right on live TV during a game. I’ve been saying this from the start, but oh no, let’s not jump to conclusions, they said. But how many "coincidences" do we need before these so-called coincidences start smelling fishier than a week-old tuna sandwich? The corrupt news media, the so-called government "health" agencies, and the football associations who all pushed this experimental gene therapy are in bed together, trying to brush the whole thing off with laughable explanations instead of getting down to some real investigation.

But hey, why would they after mandating these shots? Doesn’t fit the narrative, right? I refuse to let this slide, even if it means putting up with all the flak from the peanut gallery who'd rather shoot the messenger than face the unsettling music.

And now, the latest casualty in this absurd saga – 24-year-old Frida Maanum, an Arsenal Women midfielder, just keeled over mid-play in the English League Cup final against Chelsea. There we were, seconds ticking down in stoppage time at the end of regulation, and the scene turns into an emergency room drama. Seven minutes of nail-biting chaos, and Maanum is stretchered off the field.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Since March 10, 2024, we've witnessed Ahmed Refaat, Makhehleni Makhaula, and Javier Altamirano collapse on the field, each case more heart-stopping than the last, with causes ranging from cardiac arrests to rare brain thrombosis. And what do we get from the powers that be? More silence and sidestepping. This circus of silence and censorship must end! I’ve saved all the clips of these incidents in the article below, because heaven forbid the public sees what’s happening right under its nose.

If you care an ounce about the truth, please help me share this as widely as possible.


All my articles are free, and there are no paywalls. I am not doing this for any financial reasons, although it is becoming a financial strain and effort to maintain this, but we are in World War 3, which is an information war, and we must fight. It’s high time for some real answers.

For those willing to lift the veil and peek at the ugly truth, start digging into Nakahara et al.’s paper (Vaxxed heart working 46% harder than unvaxxed heart).

This is very strong evidence suggesting that the vaccinated heart doesn’t beat the same tune as its non-vaccinated counterpart. I’ve compiled up a short clip of three eminent doctors talking about this ticking time bomb scenario, Dr Phillip McMillan, Dr Peter McCullough, and Dr Chris Shoemaker. (Click on their names for longer video).

Anyway, good luck finding this conversation in your evening news roundup.

Above video link credit here and here.

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