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Prof Ian Brighthope Slams Experimental mRNA Gene Therapy and Exposes TGA Corruption

We know that the lipidnanoparticle will take the RNA and there's also contamination from DNA into the genome of individuals.

In a recent interview with Efrat Fenigson, Professor Ian Brighthope voiced his stern concerns about the quick adoption of mRNA vaccines and the compromised integrity of Australia's regulatory authority, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). As the founder of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM), Brighthope is stalwart in the field of nutritional and environmental medicine and stands as a prominent figure in the discourse on healthcare practices.

Delving into the heart of his concerns, Brighthope's critique of the mRNA vaccines is both comprehensive and deeply troubling. He expressed grave apprehensions regarding their impact on human health, emphasizing their potential intrusiveness into the body's most fundamental biological processes. "We have seen the damage done to our somatic cells from this poison, and we've seen the poison going into the germ cells, the testicles and the ovaries, the production of sperm and egg," he detailed, presenting a grim picture of the intrusion of these vaccines at a cellular level.

He further elucidated the risks associated with the lipid nanoparticles used to deliver the mRNA into cells and emphasized the DNA contamination that was discovered by Kevin McKernan and reproduced across several independent labs globally: "We know that the lipidnanoparticle will take the RNA and there's also contamination from DNA into the genome of individuals." This contamination, Brighthope warns, charts into largely unknown territories with unpredictable long-term effects, yet with observable immediate impacts. "So we don't know exactly what's going to happen, but we certainly know it's having an effect on reproductive cycles. Females, we know it's having an effect on fertility and we know it's having an effect on survival of embryos and fetus," he explained, highlighting the profound implications on human fertility and potential future generations.

The critique doesn't stop at the physiological impact. Brighthope also addresses the inflammatory nature of the vaccine delivery system and its broader implications: "And that is the overuse of this mRNA toxic vaccine wrapped up in the lipidnanoparticle, which is highly inflammatory, getting into the brain of people and having an adverse effect on individuals."

Coincidentally, neurological disability claims in the UK surged by a shocking 15.6% in June 2021, only to skyrocket by an unprecedented 95.2% in 2022. [SOURCE]

Moreover, Professor Brighthope illuminated the problematic funding structure of the TGA. Australia's medicine regulatory body, the TGA, receives 96% of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry. This deep-seated conflict of interest questions the impartiality of the TGA's regulatory decisions that approve the drugs of the companies that fund them.

The conversation further delved into the broader implications of such a compromised regulatory framework on overall childhood vaccines safety and efficacy. Professor Brighthope critically evaluated the current vaccination protocols, indicating a disturbing lack of robust studies to confirm their preventative capabilities against diseases. "We now know that a lot of these vaccines are either useless or they're causing adverse effects," he pointed out.

For the complete interview, please head over to Efrat’s substack below where they discuss various topics including the critical discussion on the need for a Royal Commission into COVID-19, the far-reaching impact of the pandemic measures and lockdowns, retrospectives on Fauci's involvement with AZT and HIV/AIDS, and the profound economic damages Australia faced due to the “plandemic”.

You're The Voice | by Efrat Fenigson
Natural Hope & Courage In A Corrupt World - You're The Voice Ep. 25: Prof. Ian Brighthope
🎙️ My guest today is Professor Ian Brighthope (Ian Brighthope), award winning therapist and physician with 49 years of practice, an academic, an agricultural scientist and a specialist in nutritional, herbal and environmental medicine. Ian founded or led clinics, schools, councils & initiatives of integrative and natural medicine for the past 45 years…
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