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Japan's Most Senior Oncologist, Prof. Fukushima Condemns mRNA Vaccines as 'Evil Practices of Science'

"...This isn't science! It's more akin to faith, hysteria, or even cult behavior, in my opinion..."

Dear subscribers, I am back! As usual, highlights are above; full interview below. Today, I bring you a recent interview with Prof. Fukushima (SOURCE) that was published on April 19, after the mass protest in Japan.

It is interesting to hear Prof Fukushima introduce himself. If you read the “brought to you by Pfizer” mainstream media and fake fact-checking websites, they simply paint Prof Fukushima as a fringe anti-vaxxer. But when you hear about his history, you get a sense that this was someone highly prominent before he went against the narrative of "safe and effective."

As the most senior medical oncologist in Japan, Prof Fukushima has not only led the charge in establishing medical oncology as a key discipline but also pioneered the first cancer outpatient clinic at Kyoto University. His tenure at the Aichi Cancer Center Hospital and innovative leadership in translating research into actionable medical advancements, notably in pharmacoepidemiology, underscore a career dedicated to challenging the status quo for the sake of improving patient care. His early critique, published in 'Nature' all the way back in 1989, (35 years ago!), highlighted the risks of uncritically accepting and distributing drugs with unproven efficacy, exposing a deep flaw within the pharmaceutical approval process in Japan. This bravery in confronting pharmaceutical norms sparked significant reforms, showcasing his commitment to patient safety over complacency.

Prof. Fukushima highlights an alarming development in oncology known as "turbo cancer," which has emerged following the use of experimental mRNA gene therapy. It's important to note that while some "fact checkers" may dismiss "Turbo Cancer" as a nonexistent condition, as Wikipedia has done here, it actually refers to what is medically recognized as Hyperprogressive Disease. Therefore, should you encounter a retarded, bought and paid for fact checker on the term "Turbo cancer," you can direct them to Hyperprogressive Cancer Disease.

As Prof. Fukushima describes, it is "a type previously unseen by doctors, characterized by its incredibly fast speed." By the time such cancers are detected, they are already "in stage four, advanced cancer." Indeed, Prof. Fukushima shared, "Doctors have been sensing from the field that something unusual related to cancer may be happening. They were feeling it on the ground."

Furthermore, Prof Fukushima highlights that "specific types of cancer, in relation to the vaccination, seem to be experiencing excess mortality." He specifically names cancers such as "breast cancer, ovarian cancer, thyroid cancer," along with "esophageal and lung cancer," and notably, "prostate cancer in men," as being particularly affected. This rise in mortality among these specific cancer types post-vaccination "cannot be simply explained by disruptions such as early screenings being unavailable due to the pandemic, or lost opportunities for treatment," suggesting a direct and concerning link between these "turbo cancer" cases and the mRNA gene therapy.

Prof. Fukushima then talked about a very sad case he came across. A young man, 28 years old, who was healthy and had never needed a doctor, died suddenly. This happened five days after he got his second Pfizer vaccine. His wife found him dead one morning. The police took his body to a hospital for an autopsy, where a doctor found something shocking. The man's heart had become so soft and that it disintegrated.

This case really worried Prof. Fukushima. He thinks it shows how risky the vaccine can be, especially for people who were healthy and had no sickness before. He believes that such sudden deaths after vaccination are very serious. Prof. Fukushima is frustrated with the lack of media coverage on these critical issues. On that note, please help me share this as widely as possible because we cannot depend on the corrupt mainstream media.


He then points out that we are now witnessing a wide array of illnesses emerging more frequently. This includes autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, infections, and even rare and challenging conditions. Diseases previously unknown or seldom encountered by general practitioners are now becoming more common, raising significant concern about the unforeseen consequences of the experimental mRNA gene therapy.

Prof. Fukushima criticizes the World Health Organization's (WHO) global vaccination strategy, criticizing its one-size-fits-all approach as fundamentally flawed given the vast diversity in medical infrastructure, cultural practices, and healthcare systems across countries. He argues that the diversity in healthcare systems and cultural contexts makes the idea of a universal vaccination campaign nonsensical. Drawing parallels with influenza vaccines, which he deems unsuccessful despite longstanding promotion, he questions the logic and efficacy of COVID-19 “vaccines”. Prof. Fukushima views the persistent promotion of vaccines, despite evidence of their limitations and risks, as irrational and akin to cult behavior rather than scientific reasoning.

He further expresses concern over the WHO's power and decision-making process, emphasizing that national governments should not depend on the organization for vaccine-related decisions. Citing the example of varying COVID-19 outcomes in Middle Eastern countries, he suggests that less aggressive vaccination strategies have correlated with fewer health issues.

Prof. Fukushima asserts that the vaccine's development was marred by misconceptions, misconduct, and what he strongly condemns as "evil practices of science." He argues that such unethical scientific practices led to the creation of a fundamentally flawed and deceptive product. In his view, this represents not just a failure but a disgrace to humanity, driven by a cavalier attitude towards science by key institutions like the WHO. Prof. Fukushima's call to action is a plea for science to return to its ethical foundations and to abandon practices he deems as fundamentally evil.

Signing off for now!

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