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Dutch experts Dr. Maarten Fornerod and Prof. Theo Schetters calls for suspension of genetic mRNA vaccines

"I think that with so much uncertainty, it would be good to just call a ceasefire. To stop these vaccines and also to learn that we must be very cautious with genetic medicines."

Last week (Dec 20, 2023), a broadcast on BlckBx.TV showcased Dutch molecular biologist Dr. Maarten Fornerod and the esteemed immunologist Prof. Theo Schetters, who is not only a leading figure in biology and immunology in the Netherlands but also serves as a special professor at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

During the segment, they explored a range of issues, including the DNA contamination found in mRNA vaccines and the implications of ribosomal frameshifts, a subject of recent study which I translated into simple english here.

They ended the segment with a call to stop these genetic vaccines, which most of us who are reading this have known for several years. Anyway, it’s fun watching more people ask for the suspension of these vaccines, so have fun watching it.

Meanwhile, I wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas (I took a couple of days off the internet) and a Happy New Year!

Signing off for now!

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