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BAM! Eminent French Geneticist Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, and Top Investigative Reporter Corinne Lalo Expose the mRNA Vaccine Risks and WHO's Controversial Pandemic Power Grab

"We must immediately withdraw this product!”

(As always, a brief highlight clip is provided above, with the full video available below!)

In a recent talk hosted by BAM! (Belgian Alternative Media) that took place recently, Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, a leading French geneticist and Director of Research at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), sat alongside Corinne Lalo, an investigative journalist and former mainstream media TV Reporter (for TF1, FR3, TV5MONDE, LE MONDE etc) with over four decades of experience. Their conversation traversed the complex areas of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines and global health governance, unearthing issues that demand a serious reevaluation from the global community.

Dr. Henrion-Caude brings to the table a critical eye garnered from her extensive work in genetics, adding a layer of scientific depth to the discussion around the implications of mRNA vaccines. Corinne Lalo, known for her role in uncovering hidden narratives behind significant public health crises (such as the contaminated blood, Chernobyl cloud, vaccination against hepatitis B, H1N1 flu) explores the intersection of science, policy, and societal impact, illuminating areas often left in the dark.

The discussion opened with Corinne addressing the controversial classification of mRNA vaccines as GMOs and the legal adjustments made in 2020 across Europe to facilitate their rollout. "mRNA vaccines are GMOs. And European law was changed in 2020 to be able to allow the arrival of vaccines GMOs, which are mRNA vaccines," she pointed out, setting the tone for a conversation rooted in the potential ramifications of these vaccines.

Corinne brought to light a concerning development regarding the unexpected discovery of DNA fragments within mRNA vaccines, a finding that raises significant ethical and genetic questions. "Recently, Kevin McKernan showed that in vaccines, there was not only mRNA but there was also DNA... up to 30%…So that means that if we find DNA in vaccines, it will end up in genomes," she highlighted the gravity of incorporating foreign DNA into human genetic material.

For those who are unaware, the issue of DNA integration is being investigated by several independent scientists around the world, and it is a matter of time before we get a resolution on this (I suspect before the end of this year!).

Dr. Henrion-Caude criticized the mismatch between the promises conveyed about these vaccines and the realities that have since been unveiled. She expressed concerns over misrepresented facts regarding the behavior and safety of mRNA vaccines,

"We were lied to, we were told that the mRNA would degrade immediately,"
That's false.
We were lied to, we were told that the mRNA would stay in the muscle,"
That's false.
We were told that we were going to inject only twice these doses",
that's false.
We were told that they were safe and effective, they are neither safe nor effective.

We were told phase 3 was complete,"
that's false.

Thus, these doctors have the right and the deontological obligation to say
We were lied to about these mRNA injections."

-Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude

The dialogue took a critical turn towards the WHO's proposed pandemic treaty and the potential impact on national sovereignty in health policy decisions. Corinne Lalo expressed her apprehensions, "they have planned therefore next year to take the sovereignty of nations to the WHO... " she also referred to the WHO Director-General's past, "who is a former terrorist, who was part of a terrorist Maoist group in his country."

Corinne Lalo further referenced a historical vaccine incident that throws into sharp relief the current handling of vaccine-related adverse effects. She recounted the 1976 incident in the United States where a vaccine associated with 25 deaths was enough to halt its use, contrasting this with the current situation where, despite the mRNA vaccines being linked to significantly higher numbers of deaths, action has been hesitant. "In 1976, in the United States, there was had a false pandemic... After 25 deaths, the vaccination was hastily stopped. Now, we're talking about 40,000 deaths, in France significantly more thousands of deaths. In France, officially, there are 1,200, but these are numbers that are completely inaccurate... with 25 deaths, a vaccination was stopped. In 2023, we're talking about thousands of deaths, even up to 17 million deaths worldwide, according to Canadian Denis Rancourt's figures."

Dr. Henrion-Caude further probed the motivations and historical actions of the WHO, particularly its involvement in vaccine research aimed at fertility regulation. Dr. Henrion-Caude remarked, “I've reviewed the entire history of the WHO concerning vaccines which essentially aim to sterilize women…the WHO Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation supported basic and clinical research on the development of vaccines that control births by specifically targeting the gametes, meaning sperm and oocytes, or the pre-implantation embryo.

This, combined with Corinne Lalo's disclosure of the WHO's power consolidation through the proposed treaty, paints a concerning picture of the potential future of global health governance.

My friends, it's crucial that we keep spreading awareness about the risks associated with these globalist health initiatives. Please keep sharing the message and enlightening those who are yet to understand.


Check out the complete video with subtitles here if you have an hour to spare!

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