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Prof. Dr. Pietro Vernazza Joins the Growing List of Experts Calling for More Studies on mRNA Products Before Any Further Use!

Updated U-Turn Tracker

Well, another eminent professor has come forward. This time it is Prof. Dr. Pietro Vernazza, a prominent Swiss microbiologist and specialist in infectious diseases. He pursued his studies in human medicine at the University of Zurich and completed his clinical training in internal medicine in Sursee LU and St. Gallen during the mid-1980s.

One of his most influential contributions to the field of HIV/AIDS was a groundbreaking publication in 2008 known as the "Swiss Statement". The main statement was an HIV positive person on effective HIV treatment (ART) cannot transmit HIV through sexual contact. This study highlighted the reduced risk of HIV transmission among patients who receive proper therapy and achieve undetectable viral loads. The Swiss Statement made a significant impact on global understanding of HIV transmission and had far-reaching implications for public health policies worldwide.

Throughout his career, Prof Vernazza served as the chief physician of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene at the St. Gallen Cantonal Hospital from 2000 until his retirement in August 2021. Notably, he was an active member of the Federal Commission for Sexual Health from 2000 to 2015. His contributions to the field of microbiology and infectious diseases have been widely recognized, reflected in his H-index of 90 as reported on Google Scholar.

Anyway, as seen in the interview above, Prof Vernazza remarked that there has been a significant decline in birth rates, which is unprecedented in recorded history. This decline, which reached enormous proportions, was observed in the first seven months of 2022, with a decrease of around 15 percent.

While there have been previous declines in birth rates, this recent one is particularly massive. Initially, there was speculation that the vaccination could be a factor affecting sperm production, supported by at least one large study(Gat et al.) conducted in Israel. The study showed a significant restriction in motile sperm.

However, further observations from ICD statistics in Germany indicated that pregnancies did not decline as much, suggesting the possibility of an increase in early miscarriages instead. These phenomena need to be studied further due to their importance, and as Prof Vernazza said, it is necessary to consider all possible hypotheses. In his view, the hypothesis linking the decline in birth rates to vaccination is the only one that hasn't been falsified. Therefore, it is important to conduct further research before widespread distribution and use of mRNA vaccinations.

As you can see below, Switzerland and Germany are not the only countries experiencing record declines in birth rate. However, what we do know is that countries that have gone full retard compliance with mRNA vaccines are witnessing significant drops in birth rates and an increase in excess deaths.

Prof Vernazza also remarked that “…when you talk to authorities, they say the only thing they are sure of is not the vaccination”.

Slowly but surely, it seems that many people are realizing that government regulatory bodies are captured entities operating in the interests of special interest groups rather than in the interests of citizens.

Let’s add Prof. Dr. Pietro Vernazza to our U-Turn Tracker!

🍍Updated U-Turn Tracker™

Please be aware that not all of these shifts are outright U-Turns; some could be considered J-Turns, and some are simply became more vocal than before.

But it doesn’t sound right calling it “A More Vocal mRNA Skeptic Tracker™” so I’m keeping it as “U-Turn Tracker™”

Please do not use this list to embarass or attack anyone, we need to come together to search for truth. Some of whom are my personal friends, whom I deeply respect.

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  20. Dr. Wafik El-Deiry

  21. Dr Phillip J. Buckhaults

  22. Megyn Kelly

  23. Prof Scott Galloway

  24. Prof. Dr. Pietro Vernazza

Signing off for now!

PS: Here is the source of the video clip - it is from a German documentary released a few weeks ago titled "UN-SICHTBAR" (Invisible).
I am currently working on the English subtitles and will share them shortly.

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