I’m glad this professor is speaking plainly about the mRNA based injections, but I’m concerned he’s (presumably) inadvertently reinforcing certain points in the official narrative that are highly questionable or untrue.

There has not been a pandemic of acute respiratory illness & death. Whatever has happened, this isn’t it.

Personally, I’m of the view that there wasn’t a new pathogen, either.

Those who dismiss Denis Rancourt’s findings (that all causes mortality did not increase anywhere until the WHO called a pandemic and novel medical protocols were instigated everywhere) mostly aren’t biologists.

I’ve been told “there might not have been a spike in deaths prior to WHO’s pronouncement, but people in quantity were definitely getting ill, far more than usual”.

I don’t buy that. No data supports that. But the key point is that biology mostly acts in a continuum. If there had been a severe acute respiratory syndrome-causing pathogen circulating widely, associated with lots of people getting very ill, there would inevitably be an increase in deaths, in the elderly and frail.

Given this latter didn’t happen & deaths only spiked after the WHO declaration, I struggle to fit a real, transmissible entity moving through population.

Note also the diagnostic PCR-based test was deliberately designed to read positive even when there was nothing out of place in the sample (see the Corman-Drosten Review). That’s consistent with the perpetrators knowing full well there wasn’t a pandemic or pathogen.

The entire event is an extensively rehearsed fraud (see Paul Schreyer’s YouTube documentary called “Pandemic Simulations: preparation for a new era?”).

Had there been a real, novel pathogen, natural or lab made, there could have been & would have been a wide range of outcomes. In some places, the event would have burned out. In others, it might have turned out to be more lethal than expected. Almost everywhere, their t would sweep through the population in a few weeks & not return. Please don’t quote the 1918-19 Spanish flu pandemic. Most of that event, too, was faked.

The biggest risk we run is to permit the persistence of the “scary, lethal virus” lie.

It’s not correct & repeating it, unaware of or dismissive about posts like this, are honestly painting humanity into a corner, and helping the lie to be reused. Listen to Jonathan Engler’s recent interview with Dr Ahmad Malik. Jonathan fully “gets it”.

Because there never was a novel viral pandemic, and even if there had been, developing a vaccine in order to terminate such an event, would never have been a reasonable response.

Firstly, it takes far longer to do even a perfunctory job of demonstrating safety and efficacy let alone mass manufacturing of billions of doses, that any duration of a real pandemic (if such are even possible, immunologically, which I now doubt). But this fact alone tells you what they were doing is fraud.

Secondly, most people were never vulnerable to this alleged virus. So why jab them?

You’d never jab the recovered, the pregnant and children. Yet they were all mowed down.

A final point is that this fellow claims that vaccine escape mutants might escape immunity and spread it, without noticing it themselves. That implies asymptomatic transmission, which doesn’t happen.

Scarily, if you’re new to this, transmission has never been demonstrated, only inferred from the pattern of “cases”. Reading these papers kicked away the last pillar of the narrative about respiratory viruses as a category.

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Mike, thank you for your comment. It's a worthy point of view. I can see both sides of the argument.

Denis Rancourt did an excellent work on all cause mortality. For anyone who wants to watch, the link here:


John Ioannidis also wrote a paper early on that the perceived harms were greatly exaggerated.


Ioannidis also calculated pre-vaccination Covid IFR - suggesting there was a virus going on , but not as harmful as what WHO claimed..


Anyway personally I keep my mind open - I don't think we can be 100% certain on anything, I'd like to hear more debates on this topic.

One thing we can all agree is that the experimental mRNAs are causing most of the harm.

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100% on the last part! 🤗

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Agreed. Recall the 'vaping deaths' of April 2019?


Also regarding DoD, SCI clearance and their fake diploma scam that now they are pretending to clean up in just 5 states when it was worldwide. Who needs actual medical qualifications when their job is to kill? :


^This is a screencap, original source site (inactive): www.voterig.com

This was supposed to be a multi-decades long lockdown with people demoralized and coerced at gunpoint to be executed by needle, or refuse and their future was crapping on the streets homeless.

Then Russia invaded Ukraine on awareness of those biolabs, which their NBC forces recently sampled 40% lethal Avian Flu virus which explains why the masses hate was switched overnight from 'anti-vaxxers' to Russians, like a USB stick had been swapped out of them.

It explains why the Davos meeting in mid 2022 some months after the start of the Russian SMO most of them looked like they were on suicide watch.

When the ratface Tedros and Bill Gates boasting about the next pandemic Ukraine's Pentagon (i.e. DoD) owned biolabs sophisticated enough to generate race/ethno-specific bioweapons, it isn't a stretch to see how the HIV inserts got into a flu virus, and possibly the prototype for the mRNA depopulation shot.

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Australia is an interesting case study. Firstly, 2019 was an interesting flu year with increase in pneumonia. Secondly, our international borders did not close until late March ‘20. Our proximity and both tourist & trade relationship with China meant that we had an influx of travellers to & from China Jan & Feb ‘20 for the Chinese NY period.

Add to that all the people heading the EU, Japan & the US to ski in Dec/ Jan the chances are that there would have had to be early spread in Aus.

For ‘20 - ‘22 Australia banned antibody tests and still to this day we can’t get T or B cell test. Interesting why our bureaucrats didn’t want to understand if their was societal existing immunity.

This report is unique to say the least https://immunisationcoalition.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/6.2-Flu-epidemiology-IBarr.pdf

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I’m of the unpopular opinion that there never was a highly dangerous new respiratory virus spreading around the world.

Merely the existing illnesses, and deliberately bad clinical testing.

What is described as flu apparently disappeared in 2020!

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I fully agree with this.

The "roll out" of the CoronaPrank came across like a Hollyweird 'B' sci-fi movie script, with authority automatically destroying, denigrating and disparaging any person and/or evidence as if it was also movie script material.

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You would definitely have more knowledge that someone like myself & totally agree with the anomaly of flu disappearing & bad clinical testing & assumptions.

On another note, I want to say thank you for everything you have done & the immense courage you have shown since the start. Through your honesty & generosity in sharing information you have saved many lives including mine. Thank you

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There's interesting data on death statistics that shows a sudden spike in deaths in the winter of 2016 above averge, and greater than the COVID bioweapons launch. There is always a spike in deaths in the winter months, but this was quite significantly above norm. I wonder what was going on.... the stats show a spike all across the EU. Practice run, perhaps?

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I have a stash of ivermectin as well as all the immune boosting supplements (quercetin, vitamins D & C, zinc, melatonin) just in case there’s a deadly variant that emerges or we have a real pandemic.

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You forgot NAC, Mk7 and Nattokinase.

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That is a good idea. If you are not vaccinated any immune escape variant will not be a problem for your immune system. The super bug will emerge and will kill the vaccinated without mercy by the millions. See here what I am talking about. https://www.youtube.com/live/UKDhjASd7ZE?feature=share

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No shots for me but all those things are good to have on hand in case of other viruses too. I also buy locally made flu tonic and elderberry syrup each winter and have all the supplies for nasal rinses. The silver lining from Covid is I learned a bunch of healthy, natural remedies. 😁

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Good for you! We can’t be trusting the “murders in white coats” with our health. But then most of them are jabbed up and scheduled to be grievously injured or dead in the next couple years. Some of have taken 7 injections so far. Which puts them in the “goose stepping into a coffin zone”.

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There is no medicine for 'covid'/flu as it is the natural healing, which we should not stop.


Untold Ivermectin dangers - https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/Ivermectin-VS-sperm:3?lid=008d0c4c5527c12b317f6dee675b36cbe6f654b8

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Cv-19 alone would not give them the desire effect they wanted and they know about it.So they introduce vaccine to the public and mandate it.The purpose of the vaccine is to combine with cv-19 to reach the desire effect on the society.then using media to spread fear and faked narrative to scare the ppl into handing over their rights and medical freedom to the establishment.

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Thank you

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Aug 1, 2023Liked by Aussie17

Aussie, YOU are a Divine messenger, sent by our Creator. Prayerfully submitted by a retired RN of 40 years.

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"Vaccine escape mutants (VEMs)" ... seriously?

Anything to maintain the "virus" narrative and anything to suppress the deadly instigation of shots. The origin or a "corona" virus: an undergraduate honours project would have done better without trying. viz. J. gen. Virol. (1967), 1, 175-178. The Morphology of Three Previously Uncharacterized Human Respiratory Viruses that Grow in Organ Culture. Ameida JD and Tyrrell DAJ.

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Totally agree! Looks like someone was a tad late to the BIOWEAPON party, lol 😂.

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There is a problem, Professor Oon stated that neuraminidase inhibitors were effective for Influenza and Corona, the problem is, Corona viruses do NOT possess neuraminidase.

He also believed masking was effective, masking was shown to be ineffective as early as 1918.

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My 78 year old wife contracted so called Covid flu early Jan 2021, on the second day of symptoms she remained in bed feeling extremely ill with a temp of 102f, we started treatment early on that day 2 with Hydroxychloroquine (banned for off label treatment of Covid flu in the UK) together with Zinc sulphate and as protection against bacterial infection Doxycycline. After 2 daily treatments and 48 hrs later ALL symptoms were resolved other than a slight cough and slight loss of taste. The key to this highly effective treatment is START TREATMENT AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

Our regime was, thanks to Dr Zev Zelenco, HCQ 200mg x 2 daily + Zinc sulphate 200mg daily + Doxycycline 100mg x 2 daily. I followed some days later, I treated on day 1 and the infection did not progress, back to normal in same 48 hrs. The treatment lasted 7 days. As for safety, I have less than 30% heart function caused by cardiac arrest 3 years earlier I am in the highly vulnerable group aged 80. This infection was always treatable with HCQ, France were aware of this. Prior to 2020, Chloroquine had been sold in France over the counter without prescription for the past 45 years, on the 16th of December 2019 France started the process of reclassifying CQ including the safer HCQ to a poison which then needed a prescription, the French health authority then Banned Town doctors from prescribing HCQ for the EARLY treatment of covid flu in the community, the UK followed shortly after. That date, 16 Dec says it all. This was a Plandemic designed to kill by removing all CHEAP out of patient drugs that were safe and may have been effective, together with the incessant propaganda of fear. Unlike Vaccines HCQ does NOT target the viral rapidly and randomly mutating SPIKE protien, HCQ targets cellular functions needed by the virus for its uncoating and replication phase. What this means is that vaccines are Spike specific, HCQ`s mode of action does not involve spike hence mutating viral strains are irrelevant. When Omicron appeared Ivermectin started to fail and the FLCCC reluctantly had to include HCQ in their treatment protocol. Ivermectin is effective to a degree but HCQ is effective for ALL varients both Corona and FLU WHEN USED EARLY IN THE REPLICATION PHASE OF THE INFECTION. Wife and I are NOT jabbed, I have never worn a mask.

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