Hi, I’m Aussie17!

I’ve worked in Big Pharma for almost 20 years. I started as a Medical Sales Rep and over the years took on many different roles in Sales and Marketing, Business and Market Intelligence, Commercial Effectiveness, Business Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Product Launch Excellence, Drug Pricing Optimization, Digital Technologies etc. I was also assigned to various continents and countries to acquire global experience. So I’ve worked in Europe, the US, Japan and some smaller Asian nations.

Due to the nature of my work which required 75% of the time travelling to various countries, it was impossible to continue working because most countries required COVID vaccination.

I wasn’t going to take an experimental mRNA vaccine just to continue working. Therefore I decided to take a sabbatical and wait for a few months. A few months turned into a year and a year turned into two years!! In the two years I saw many things that shocked even myself!!

I enjoy humour and sarcasm (maybe too much!).

If you enjoy my work please consider supporting me and donating for just $7.50 a month. My entire site is free but if you support me, you’ll get my personal telegram and I’ll exchange funny memes with you over telegram while we watch the Medical Industrial Complex burn down together.

Thank you for visiting my Substack!

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