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Week #7 Updates: Damar's SOS Signal?

and news from Singapore and UK.

For those unfamiliar, NFL Buffalo Bills' Player Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field last month during a live broadcast. The game was stopped, and Damar was placed in an artificial coma for several days. This week, ABC aired an interview with Damar Hamlin, and the interviewer asked him, "How did doctors describe what happened to you?"

Damar's response: "Umm…(pause) umm, that's something I want to stay away from."

If you watch the video above, there is a long awkward silence. Damar Hamlin took too long to answer the question. Reading his body language, I speculate that Damar wanted to tell the world *something*, but he is bound by contract, not to mention the particular medical intervention.

During the same period, on February 8, 2022, tennis star Jessica Pegula revealed that her mother, the Co-owner of Buffalo Bills Kim Pegula, suffered a cardiac arrest.

Here’s what I think is happening behind the scenes

We know that NFL coerces almost all players and 100% of their personnel to take experimental gene therapy. As a result, I believe Damar Hamlin and Kim Pegula suffered “vaccine” injuries, causing their cardiac arrests.

However, the NFL, government regulators, and mainstream news media are “captured” organizations. Let’s not forget that Pfizer spends nearly $120 million per season as NFL’s 7th largest advertiser, according to Charlie Kirk.

In PharmaFiles #12, I shared my experience on how Pharma money controls narratives by capturing organizations through sponsorships.

PharmaFiles by Aussie17
PharmaFiles #12
I spent close to 20 years working in Big Pharma. I started as a Medical Sales Rep and worked across various commercial functions, from sales to marketing, to market intelligence to business development. I have taken global assignments from the Headquarters and local in-country assignments. So I've lived the life of Big Pharma, and it gave me a unique vi…
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Damar Hamlin’s interview with ABC is an “SOS Signal”. It is very similar to the clip below. When someone is captured, they have to communicate non-verbally, not to alert the kidnapper.

Damar’s interview with ABC was heavily edited. I think some people are working behind the scenes to get the truth out and working together with the interviewer and ABC. They are doing it without breaching the contract with Pfizer, or in other words, sending an SOS Signal without alerting the kidnapper.

There are too many clues:

  1. First, why would ABC allow such a question to be asked? If Damar didn’t have an answer, they would edit the whole question out of the clip.

  2. Secondly, they took the trouble to zoom into Damar’s facial expression to put focus on his non-verbal communication.

  3. Finally, this one might push the envelope, but I wanted to share my observation because I enjoy finding patterns.

Damar’s response: “Umm…(9 seconds pause)…umm, that’s something I want to stay away from”. The pause was precisely 9 seconds (way too long!), and he completed the answer in the next 2 seconds. That was a 9-11 universal emergency number.

Singapore acknowledges first vaccine death.

Singapore finally acknowledges the first vaccine death caused by the vaccine. The government has agreed to pay out S$225,000 (USD$170k) to the deceased's family.

Excerpt from Channel News Asia:

The Bangladeshi national received his first dose of the Moderna/Spikevax COVID-19 vaccine on Jun 18, 2021, and died on Jul 9 after collapsing at his workplace earlier that day.
The State Coroner on Wednesday certified the man's cause of death as myocarditis, said MOH (Ministry of Health).
The Health Ministry added that the State Coroner also found that "on the balance of probabilities, it was likely to be related to COVID-19 vaccination". 
Under the Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme provided by MOH, a one-time financial assistance of S$225,000 (USD$170k) will be extended to his family. 

Singapore indeed took too long to acknowledge the vaccine death, especially for a country that boasts government efficiency (ranking 3rd worldwide). The death occurred in June 2021, and it shouldn't take another 1.5 years to confirm. So, the government delayed the acknowledgement for as long as possible. This will open the doors for many other claims. According to the local vaccine-injured group, they found at least 44 verified deaths caused by the vaccines.

The UK ends the booster campaign.

The booster campaign ends in the UK as of February 12, 2023. Initially, the reports appeared that they would end it for those under 50, but it looks like they have changed the language, and instead, "some people who are at increased risk".

Many people behind the scenes edited the language, and they knew that nobody would take the vaccine anyway. I see this as a “U-Turn” from the government. Just a week before they stopped the booster campaign, only 15,000 out of 391,000 eligible people booked appointments for the vaccine. That’s 96% that don’t want the vaccine anymore. 

Mortality Data is dropping this week (for ANZ)!

Finally, this week is what I have been waiting for since November 2022. The mortality data for Australia will drop on 24th Feb, and New Zealand will drop today (20th Feb).

I will be hitting my refresh button constantly throughout the week and will bring you the latest updates once it is out.

Signing off for now,

Thank you for reading PharmaFiles by Aussie17. This post is public so feel free to share it.


PharmaFiles by Aussie17
PharmaFiles by Aussie17