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Week #6 Updates: Politicians making their moves!

Narrative changing season begins!

This week's most explosive news probably came from Rep. Nancy Mace during the House Oversight Committee hearing on #TwitterFiles.

"I have effects from the vaccine, it wasn't the first shot, but it was the 2nd shot that I now developed asthma that has never gone away since I had a second shot, and I have tremors in my left hand, and I have occasional heart pain that no doctor can explain." Rep. Nancy Mace, Feb 8th 2023

I have a problem with politicians making U-Turns because they only do it when it becomes politically advantageous or if they suffered vaccine injuries themselves. Don't forget she went with the narrative and took the vaccine herself (and an estimated 75% of US Congress).

UK's member of parliament, Andrew Bridgen, who is currently the poster child of the anti-MRNA vaccine, also “woke up” after getting vaccine injured.

Here's a cross-reference regarding vaccine injury. According to Joseph Fraiman's paper, severe adverse events occur in at least 1 in 800.

There are 535 members in the US House of Congress and 780 MPs in the UK.

If we assume 75% are vaccinated. With Nancy Mace's admission, that's 1 in 400. 

And with Andrew Bridgen's admission, that's 1 in 600. 

I am just making some mental approximations. When I worked in Pharma, you were trained to validate study data with real-life examples. So, for example, if you work in a corporation with 2000 colleagues, you can assume that 2 or 3 are vaccine injured.

Again, I believe that many politicians and experts took the vaccine. It wasn't saline, and most "elites" did not know they were harmful. I feel substantial political figures like Colin Powell, Ash Carter (Obama's Secretary of Defense), and Donald Rumsfeld all died from vaccine injuries.

There are also politicians making U-Turns, like Richard Tice, when it becomes politically advantageous (these are scumsbags in my humble opinion).

There will likely be a time when most politicians will make the U-Turn. Currently, almost 1 in 3 of their voters believe vaccines are causing deaths, and this number is only shifting in one direction (the Poll was done in December 2022). When it crosses 50%, you'll see a sudden shift of politicians making U-Turns. Understand that politicians work according to polling data and shift their position to win votes. It is just part of their playbook. Unfortunately, only a few politicians have genuine convictions.

Interestingly, according to Rasmussen's December 2022 poll, slightly more Democrats believe someone died from the Covid vaccine.

A few days after the #TwitterFiles hearing, The White House announced Communications Director Kate Bedingfield's departure by the end of February. She was the key architect of much government propaganda, especially regarding silencing the voices of dissenting Medical Experts by collaborating with Big Tech. So perhaps she timed her departure before the shit hit the fan?? 

Also this week, Australian MP Russell Broadbent spoke about the plight of injured citizens. Russell Broadbent has been fighting against this experimental vaccine from Day 1. He is one of the very few politicians in Australia who did not take the jab despite excessive coercion by the Australian government.

"I've had some shocking days in my office in my time here since 1990. But yesterday, I spent an hour with three vaccine-injured people and heard the worst, most horrific stories I have heard in this place as a federal member for all of this time" Russell Broadbent, February 7, 2023

We are now at the beginning of “narrative-switching” season; this is why politicians are starting to take their positions on the entire covid narrative.

This will be a worldwide phenomenon and not only limited to western countries. The vaccines have been administered to more than two-thirds of the world (source here)

Malaysia’s new Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, announced investigations into COVID Vaccines Procurements this week, claiming that the procurement was not correctly signed off.

At the same time, some politicians will double down on their vaccine position, like Brazil’s Lula.

I think doubling down will be a losing position as excess deaths accelerate. I wonder if they are too dumb or took too much money from Big Pharma to make the switch.

I am very interested to see if Donald Trump switches his position because he has been very vocal in claiming credit for the vaccines and calling himself the Father of the Vaccine. He surely must do so before the 2024 US Presidential elections.

Do you think Donald Trump will make a U-Turn? Please comment below!


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