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Week #2 Updates - Chaos behind the scenes!!


Saudi Arabia making U-Turns?

PRSS (Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Saudi Arabia) Founder and Cardiologist Professor Abdullah Alabdulgader calls for suspension of mRNA jab because of cardiac harm concerns.

I have been to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The Royal Family and those connected to the Royal Family are demi-gods in Saudi Arabia. A long time ago, I spoke to a Big Pharma mentor (retired now) who was the General Manager of Saudi Arabia in the 90s.

He told me they got into a conflict with the Royal Family and were given 24 hours to leave the country with his family. After that, the company had to send a private jet to take them out. Otherwise, they won’t be getting out.

The King appoints the Minister of Health in Saudi Arabia. I don’t think a renowned cardiologist can come out publicly to speak against the policies of the Ministry of Health without getting a green light from the Royal Family.

Dr Joseph Fraiman’s U-Turn

A few days prior, Dr Joseph Fraiman also made a public statement asking to withdraw the mRNA vaccines. He was the author of the reanalysis of Pfizer’s original trial that found at least 1 in 800 Severe Adverse Events.

The critical part of his statement is this:

At the time of publication (of his original paper in June 2022, and revision in Sep 2022), my co-authors and I did not believe our single study warranted the withdrawal of the messenger mRNA vaccine. However since it’s publication multiple new pieces of evidence have come to light…

To recap, in the last TWO months alone, there have been plenty of prominent doctors and experts either making U-Turns or going on the record to call out the withdrawal of the mRNA vaccines. Here are some:

  1. Prof Masanori Fukushima (Japan)

  2. Dr Kerryn Phelps (Australia)

  3. Prof Angus Dalgleish (UK)

  4. Dr John Campbell (UK)

  5. Prof Shmuel Shapira (Israel)

  6. Dr Thiravat Hemachudha (Thailand)

Now add Dr Joseph Fraiman and Professor Abdullah Alabdulgader to the list! As I said, hard evidence has been dropping, and more hard evidence is incoming because we just closed out 2022 and data is currently being processed and consolidated.

More deaths!

In other news this week, Lisa Marie Presley and Diamond (from Diamond and Silk) died. This Chinese looking lady became famous overnight for telling her friends that she took the vaccine!

The Media is having a hard time sweeping these news under the rug because we are getting story after story of people dying suddenly. Unfortunately, for every celebrity who died, countless lesser public figures are dying, especially young people and athletes.

Here are some more anecdotal deaths in Week #2 of 2023!

For those sceptics who don’t believe in anecdotal evidence, we are at the point now where we don’t need to download raw data into our own excel files and chart them. Instead, official websites are forced to update their numbers for all to see. The hard data is there, and it’s no longer a conspiracy.

You can go to the Office of National Statistics, and there you have it.

20.1% excess deaths for week 52, 2022, in the UK. It’s the highest for any week of 2022. The question now is, will this number continue to accelerate?

The problem with Excess Death is that it is invisible on the ground. For example, a 20% excess death in the UK translates to 1 in 1000 (roughly). If you have 1000 friends on Facebook, that’s one additional death. So it is hard for regular folks to see it.

However, people are increasingly waking up as their friends and family gets injured by the vaccine.

Just a week ago, on Jan 2nd 2023, Rasmussen reported that at least 1 in 4 Americans (28%) believe that they know someone who died from the vaccines, and 49% believe that the vaccine is causing significant harm.

Link to Rasmussen Report here

Now, if you compare this report to a similar study Mark Skidmore conducted in December 2021 (approximately one year ago), 24% of respondents indicated that they knew at least one person in their social circles experienced a significant health problem after the vaccination.

So it went from 24% who knew someone experiencing a HEALTH PROBLEM to 28% who knew someone who DIED from Dec 2021 to Dec 2022.

I think the gradual awakening is causing confusion within the establishments. CDC came out with a press release last Friday that links stroke with the vaccines. But at the same time they also recommended “no change in vaccination practice is recommended.

On Friday, we saw Dr Aseem Malhotra on BBC News talking about the excess deaths caused by the COVID vaccine.

They immediately called in a “vaccine expert” to debunk the story.

It seemed like a “Yellow Light” crisis (I wrote about Crisis Management here) where the shit almost hit the fan.

The news anchor appeared surprised and didn’t know how to react. Finally, someone at the back office went to the crisis management playbook and followed the script. A “vaccine expert” was quickly called in to debunk the situation, and he appeared to haven’t gone through proper media training.

The Dam is Bursting

The dam is bursting in a very unpredictable and haphazard way. The stories of sudden deaths and side effects will keep occupying the news cycle for the remainder of 2023 despite efforts to sweep them under the rug. As a result, we will continue to see mixed and confusing messages from authorities and news media.

The general population is waking up (again, 28% believe that they know someone who died from the vaccine, and this is increasing).

These are the same people working in the government, mainstream media and Big Pharma. There are two factions, one trying to get the truth out and another trying to hold on to the narrative. I imagine chaotic scenes in every meeting room, manifesting in mixed and confusing messages to the public.

I don’t buy into the notion that the “elites” have a complete grip over every situation. Things are very fluid and chaotic.

I messaged a friend who is General Manager for a Big Pharma in a large country this week. He has over a thousand employees and runs a P&L of nearly a billion dollars.

He told me he was vaccinated together with his family. In his own words:

Expect the unexpected; grab some popcorn and watch!

PharmaFiles by Aussie17
PharmaFiles by Aussie17