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Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi's emotional address to the AfD faction at the German Parliament - Nov 12, 2023


Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is one of the very first eminent expert to sound the alarm on the mRNA vaccines. If you have 30 minutes, please listen to his emotional speech at the German Parliament (AfD faction).

Complete transcript below for anyone who wants to translate to their local language.
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Original video available here.

Professor Dr. Sucharit Bhakti. I have given thousands of lectures, but the beginning of this lecture is so difficult for me. I'm so moved. I'm so moved. Excuse me. Do you know how long the life expectancy of a German citizen is? at the beginning of the medical revolution in the 19th century? Yes, 38. Yes. You know, when a person celebrated their 60th birthday back then, how many years did he still have ahead of him? Yes, six to seven. Hardly less than now. How is this explained? Back then, infections were the leading cause of illness and death and they affected younger people, under 60. They were defeated by microbiology, infectious diseases, so that overall life expectancy doubled. Other advances in medicine, in cardiology, cancer research, In comparison, genetic engineering has not brought nearly as much benefit to humanity. How did microbiology do this? The majority, especially politicians and the media, will shout of course through vaccination. However, this is the global misconception that has caused the current crisis. The fact is that vaccinations have played a much, much smaller role than other circumstances. Above all, the improvement in living conditions and a healthy lifestyle were crucial for the decline in fatal infections. One thing is certain, however, the vaccination turned out to be the greatest blessing for the money and world elite, for the pharmaceutical industry and politics. They could pursue their own interests, under the common slogan Everything for public health, everything for the well-being of the general public. To achieve this goal, they created the WHO. This non-democratically elected people, Basically a private association that is in the process of gaining power over the healthcare system in the 190 Member States. Germany is one of the biggest supporters of this project. In just six months, the German Federal Assembly will finally vote in these premises on whether the WHO will be given general authority to declare a medical emergency at any time, which justifies and makes the suspension of human rights absolutely necessary. This also includes the use of the new gene-based RNA vaccines. The WHO has already announced that these vaccines are suitable for as many vaccinations as possible introduced into humans and animals. I wonder why? Money and power, power and money. Always the same answer. Sure, some vaccinations were actually beneficial. Tetanus, Wound spasm, can actually be defeated today through vaccination. Other diseases such as polio have disappeared, albeit for different reasons. The question of the real need for many vaccinations is increasingly appearing. The most effective way to counteract declining willingness to vaccinate is through direct or indirect compulsory vaccination. But it also has to be officially authorized, i.e. WHO. And then it must be ensured that the vaccines can be made available in large enough quantities. There was actually a problem lurking here. In previous vaccinations, inactivated substances are injected, which stimulate the formation of specific antibodies. The vaccines against tetanus and diphtheria, for example must be produced by human hands. The production is relatively complex and expensive. With RNA vaccines, the corresponding genes products are administered and the people who are injected then produce them the actual products in their body. It doesn't get any cheaper. Brilliant, the WHO orders the injections, Citizens have to pay for the genes with their tax money, have themselves injected and then transform themselves to the vaccine manufacturing factories. How does this work? The genome is the set of DNA-encoded instructions in a cell. Left DNA. These books of life are packaged in chromosomes and stored in the cell nucleus. The DNA script consists of just four letters strung together. The brilliant thing about it is that each order is the code for a very specific protein product. ABCD gives product 1, BACD gives product 2, BADC gives product 3 and so on. The number of possible products rises steeply with each lengthening of the words to unimagined heights. With two letters there are two possible orders, A, B, B, A. With three, A, B, C, there are already six possibilities. You can try it at home. With three six possibilities. With four six times four possibilities, that's 24. With five, 24 times five. That's how it works, not exponentially, but super-exponentially. You have to multiply the last number. A, B, C, D A, 5, A, B, C, D, A, B, 6 and so on. There are only four letters, but in an arbitrary long order. With ten you already get over three million options. Astonishing. Someone introduced this. Anyone. If a recipe is needed for a product, then the book of life is opened to the correct page and a copy, chip copy, is made. This copy is mRNA in the middle. And this is then brought to the production site in the cell and used, read. The product created according to the recipe is placed on the windowsill of the cell for checking outside. The recipe, the RNA, is disposed of quickly and quietly. The DNA remains for life. RNA vaccines are such short-lived copies, chromosomal recipes that control the production of selected antigens, for example for the virus spike protein. RNA vaccines have to be packaged into tiny fat globules, so-called lipid nanoparticles. These are these balls and there is mRNA in them. They must be packaged ready for shipping. The packaging protects the RNA from destruction, until it can reach all organs of the body via the bloodstream. There the beads act like Trojan horses. Cells absorb them, their cargo is released inside, and the recipes control the production of the genetic product, which is then displayed on the windowsill for inspection. If we copy more than a billion, many billions, of RNA into fat globules with each injection into a human recipient, administered like a child, a baby. The mass production of RNA in RNA requires the mass availability of the DNA templates. How can this be achieved? There are basically two ways to do this. Firstly, the four DNA letters are now freely available in bulk packs in supermarkets. They can be linked in any order in the laboratory using computer control in a test vessel. If DNA recipes are known, for example for encoding virus spike proteins, they can be put on paper in genetic laboratories and then used to create the RNA replicas. And this is how the first corona vaccine from BioNTech was created, which was tested on 20,000 people in the clinical approval study with the help of Pfizer in the summer of 2020. 20,000 got it, 20,000 got a placebo. Due to the alleged success, the conditional approval was granted for use in Germany and then around the world. The success of the clinical approval study is a story in itself of large-scale fraud and deception, you have already learned that today. This was the first prank, but the second followed immediately, the biggest scam of all time. Remember, a few billion artificially created DNA recipes to vaccinate only 20,000 people was feasible in the genetic laboratory. But to vaccinate billions of people, no, that wasn't possible. It was simply too much and far too expensive to make the vaccines. To do this, manufacturers had to go back to nature. The trick, the billions and trillions of countless DNA recipes are no longer put together under computer control in machines, they came from bacteria. So two ways to production. First way artificial, computer controlled. Second way, mass production by bacteria, mini-chromosomes, plasmids. These mini chromosomes, in this case this DNA is no longer human DNA, but that is now bacterial DNA, mind you. These mini chromosomes are easy to obtain and manipulate. Foreign recipes, for example the gene for the corona spike protein or any other gene you want, can be inserted there. The bacteria are then cultivated and simply automatically multiplied en masse through cultivation. The plasmids are then extracted and used as a template for producing the mRNA copies. Now we have them again, but they come from bacteria, this knock-off. This is different from the officially approved procedure. Question from the interested audience. Has the use of bacterial chromosomes for vaccine production ever been reported? tested and approved for safety? The answer is in recently publishing by Dr. Jürgen Kirchner, Elias, David Fischer and lawyer Dr. Brigitte Röhrig can be read. That was a reading recommendation from me. They have just been published. Answer, no, they have never been tested, neither for content nor for security. The regulatory authorities, including PEI, EMA and FDA, simply waved them through and approved them. They, the authorities, were accomplices and accomplices. Although... Ladies and gentlemen, by now at the latest the slight suspicion must arise that that this entire vaccination campaign was and is possibly a gigantic medical crime. And now I will tell you what monstrous consequences such a crime entails. What everyone needs to know is that there are security guards around each cell. Everything is fine when something is made according to a recipe from the book of life. But, if the recipe comes from someone else's book, then the security forces immediately attack our immune system, the producing cell. The ability of the immune system to recognize and destroy cells that do not produce themselves, is given at birth and ends with death. On the left a cell that produces its own. Everything is fine, the product in black is not recognized by our immune system and the cell remains alive. Completely different, on the right is a cell that has absorbed injected RNA and is converting it. This injected mRNA that is packaged so that it can reach all cells in the body. This cell is then marked by the immune system and sentenced to death. Something every child should learn in school. Every child should learn this in school. Consider organ transplant rejection. You get my kidney, you reject my kidney. Not even tolerated within the same species, human. And if after the first failure a new attempt is made, you get my second kidney, a merciless rejection follows. Fastest and hardest. The same principle lies behind ever increasing intensity the adverse events that occur following booster RNA injections. Consider the number of RNA copies packaged, administered with each injection is gigantic. Countless immune attacks are triggered throughout the body, which only come to a standstill when the production of the foreign protein has ended. How long will this take? Just a few days, like the vaccine manufacturers, the vaccine providers, the politicians, the Nobel Prize Committee never tires of asserting? Last year, an alarming finding emerged which is inconsistent with this claim. Those who were vaccinated were weeks and even months after the injections Spike proteins and multi-organ inflammation in the sense of autoimmune reactions were detected. This was associated with serious and often fatal illnesses. What reason could and can there be for such catastrophic, prolonged production of an RNA-encoded protein? The discovery by Kevin McKernan and colleagues announced in March this year provides a frightening explanation. During vaccine production, the bacteria must have minicromosomes be removed from the packaging of the generated mRNA. Otherwise they will be included in the packaging. We have bacterial cromosomes on the left, replica RNA in the middle. Before this RNA is packaged, the DNA must be removed. This is possible, but not trivial. Otherwise they will be included in the packaging. And then we have something like this. mRNA packed next to DNA packed. I think it's not that difficult to understand. And I can imagine that politicians from other parties also understand this. Okay, we don't need to discuss that now. Kevin McKernan discovered that this crucial step of removal of plasmid DNA had not been carried out conscientiously. Huge amounts of plasmid DNA have been found in packaged form. This ensured their successful delivery to the cells. Kevin's discovery has now been confirmed in several other laboratories, Also in Germany. Large amounts of DNA contamination were found in all 27 batches examined so far. Four weeks ago, the Canadian medical authority even confirmed the discovery of plasmid DNA. However, the authority does not see this as a sufficient reason for to withdraw the approval. By the way, question for the interested public, has the responsible German authority, the Paul Ehrlich Institute of the Federal Ministry of Health carried out reliable scientific measurements? Question, answer, no. Not to this day. Ladies and gentlemen, this must have legal consequences. This is simply criminal. The Paul Ehrlich Institute, like all authorities of the Federal Ministry of Health, is obliged to: to protect the population from health risks. The uptake of bacterial chromosomes changes the totality of DNA contaminants. The acquisition of bacterial chromosomes changes the entire set of DNA instructions in the cell and is equivalent to a change in the genome. Mind you, with every cell division the protective shell of the cell nucleus dissolves, so that foreign DNA that comes into the cell can end up right next to our chromosomes and then becomes trapped in the newly formed nuclei of the daughter cells. Continued production of foreign proteins can occur which will lead to long-term inflammation and organ damage throughout the body. Such long-lasting production has already been shown in cell culture experiments and in animal experiments, Because these lipid-related particles have been used for over ten years to introduce foreign DNA into animal cells in animal experiments. Of course, says the Paul Ehrlich Institute, but this has not been proven for humans. It is clear that continued production can be fatal. Vessel walls are damaged. Bleeding and the formation of blood clots are the inevitable consequences. We said that three years ago, right? Three years, my God. The tissue will die due to lack of oxygen. The heart is an organ that cannot replace dead cells. Who hasn't heard about the mysterious sudden cardiac deaths occurring around the world? They are just the tip of an iceberg. Heart disease caused by vaccinations is on the agenda of young and old alike. Fortunately, to save the honor of German science, well-known pathologists stood up and carried out the world's first research work, who discovered the connection between vaccination and severe organ damage. Professor Arne Burkhardt, who recently tragically died in an accident, and his dear friend Professor Walter Lang, who spoke to you today. Dr. Michael Mörz in Dresden and the world-famous Professor Peter Schiermacher, director of the Institute of Pathology at Heidelberg University. Thanks to their work, it is now scientifically proven. And so it says in this work from Peter Schiermacher's group, Literally, it has been proven beyond a doubt that vaccination can lead to fatal myocarditis. It's in there. It is an internationally widely cited, absolutely accepted work. Nobody can come and say that this has not been proven. These gentlemen, there was another lady, Ute Krüge, also mentioned today, they have already proven it and proved it. The second organ that cannot replace its dead is the brain. Depending on where the vaccine damage occurs, a wide variety of neurological and psychiatric illnesses can occur. Nerve failures and paralysis, but also dementia, psychoses and personality changes are on the agenda for vaccinated people. The unbelievable horror story doesn't end there. Chopped DNA fragments have been found in large numbers as vaccine contaminants. Fragmented DNA sequences have increased propensity. to be incorporated into the chromosomal DNA. The possible consequences are endless. The finely tuned network can be disrupted, that controls cell division and differentiation. Cancer and developmental disorders can result. Mutations in sperm and fertilized eggs could make altered characteristics heritable. Ladies and gentlemen, don't believe anything else. The truth is, inexpensive procedures There is no method for reliably separating the mass-produced RNA from the bacterial chromosomes. Complete removal would be far too expensive. That's why the bacterial chromosomes are there has also been found in all vaccination groups examined so far. Remember, contamination with plasmid DNA will be the rule and not the exception for all RNA vaccines. And remember, the difference between this DNA and DNA, which Paul Ehrlich Institute or ever cited anywhere else as acceptable contamination, differs in that that this DNA is packaged, ready for delivery to the cell. This never happens with naked DNA. You can actually inject bacterial DNA into the intestine and nothing happens because this DNA is immediately broken down and destroyed. Ladies and gentlemen, anyone who praises RNA vaccines as safe and effective, Anyone who claims that vaccination rarely causes serious side effects is either incredibly ignorant or infinitely evil. And they ar committing a crime. Just like everyone who actively or passively pursues and supports this vaccination. Because it is now scientifically proven that vaccination can only have negative effects and this to a life-threatening extent. And finally something positive. The positive message for the world. The all-important DNA discovery was made just months ago. Before, no one could have guessed that vaccination days were contaminated with bacteria and chromosomes. Just as important, the general public had no way of knowing that they were being injected with a substance that had not been tested at all. Not on effectiveness, not on safety, not on content, simply. Therefore, dear doctors and colleagues, You can still save yourself. They were deceived. They were abused. It happened. But now you know. And still, there is still a short time to return to the path of Hippocrates. Never pick up a gene syringe again unless you are absolutely sure that it does not contain any bacterial DNA. In the same context. Politicians of Germany. Across all party lines. Across all party lines. Across all party lines. Across all party lines. Politicians of Germany. Across all party lines. You also can save yourself by rejecting major crime. They certainly couldn't have known any of this. You too have been deceived and abused. You also can still save yourself and your honor. And you can get your head out of the rascals as quickly as possible. Soon it will be too late, because the world is now slowly understanding the machinations. And you won't be able to say that the wake-up call didn't reach you. Act together now for your people. Decide that no further RNA injections should be given, that the vital open questions have been clarified. And, dear politicians, realize that that any purchase contract based on fraud and deception can and must only be declared null and void. Demand your people's money back from the manufacturers of these fraudulent goods. And let the billions go to your people. Especially the poorest vaccination victims and their survivors. Dear fellow human beings, the division in our society has created deeper trenches. Let's get back to each other now. Say no to all those who have become puppets of power and money. Say yes to our community of solidarity, which alone can and must rebuild this country, as in previous times of crisis. Let us join hands and move forward now as a united nation towards a better future.

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