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I know of someone who works in medical insurance claims. ALL of the people diagnosed with ‘long Covid’ for these claims are vaccinated.

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Although I still suspect that Long Covid is vax injury, this is still another crack in the dam wall. Hopefully it breaks open soon.

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All these issues and today they announced a new "approved" RSV vaccine for over 60's. So if one is smart enough to read the TGA product information the first paragraph states. "This medicinal product is subject to additional monitoring in Australia......" Of the face of it this reeks of another "provisional" approval but the media and TGA are not using the word "provisional" . Correct me if I am wrong. So a dig into the NEJM paper "https://www.nejm.org/doi/suppl/10.1056/NEJMoa2209604/suppl_file/nejmoa2209604_appendix.pdf" of the RSV trials turned up some interesting information around fatalities and other serious side effects from page 40.I will leave that for people to read for themselves.

Needless to say, I won't be buying into this product either.

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Thanks yet again.

Sharing to several 'private' FB groups.

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The princess just never showed up did she? I don’t know what happened to her. I guess she just died from the vax and it was swept under the carpet.

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There isn't one person I know who had issues with long covid. Everyone in my family had covid, whatever it was, around the same time back in 2021. We are started feeling back to normal in 2 to 5 weeks. It took all of us 2 to 3 months to fully get over it. The longest symptoms were taste and smell. We're not jabbed. This is the same for others who had it and not jabbed. There are several in my extended family along with some friends and neighbors who took the jab. I've witnessed repeated illness (sickly), myocarditis, clots, cancers, and 3 deaths so far who took the jabs. This long covid nonsense is just more BS to run cover.

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Dear Aussie17,

First of all, my thanks for the review of the predecessors in Thailand.

It became apparent a short time ago and was also bluntly presented to the public in the Bangkok Post on January 14, 24.


It is an important statement by the three scientists there, but I am left with a strange aftertaste.

The focus is always on the term "Long Covid".

Even if it has now been established (in 100 people?) that the syringes can also trigger certain symptoms and illnesses, "Long Covid" is always in the foreground.

There is never a differentiated view and the impression is given that these symptoms would also occur in large numbers in unvaccinated people if they were infected with SCV2, but also in vaccinated people who then allegedly became infected with SCV2 and developed "long Covid" as a result.

There is no mention at all of why vaccinated people generally contract viral infections repeatedly.

We all know that this is caused by the injections and that people become maximally immunorepressive after the 3rd injection at the latest.

It is also pretended that all infections are due to SCV2, but no proof is provided, or only a PCR test is given as evidence.

In my view, a narrative is also being set here that is more distracting than helpful.

1. long Covid in general (in vaccinated as well as unvaccinated people), which causes these neurological symptoms without differentiating and without evidence that really unvaccinated people really have these symptoms and without showing what the distribution ratios would be.

2. long Covid as a claim in vaccinated people, without differentiating or asking the question, is this "long Covid" not definitely a peak side effect?

3. the statement that it has now been established in 100(?) people that the injections alone were the trigger.

How was this determined and which group of people were diagnosed with this?

My conclusion:

Fear narratives continue to be set.

The injected person must be afraid of getting Covid 19 and at the same time be afraid of having been injected.

You unvaccinated people should probably also continue to be afraid of Covid 19.

There is now fear of injections in general, but we know the pharmaceutical industry, if they don't offer a solution and make promises that you won't have to be afraid of any more injections in the future, right?

The matter should be treated with caution and closely monitored to avoid falling into a trap.

I hope my train of thought is understandable so far,

Best regards from Germany,

Xwitter @Striekspoen,


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Whatever happened to the Thai Princess? I had been keeping up with that story as it was looking like a case of jab injury. No doubt it’s now “long Covid” or the story - or the Princess - have been swept under a rug.

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How to Fake Pandemics in 4 Easy Steps A masterclass by the DOD showman, James Giordano. https://sashalatypova.substack.com/p/how-to-fake-pandemics-in-4-easy-steps

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