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How BIG PHARMA surgically "indoctrinated doctors" without them even knowing!

No pun intended!

Watch the clip above. There are two things you need to realise.

First, "the logical part of the brain is engaged for short-term SALES uplift". So, when we present clinical data to our doctors, they might agree/disagree, and the impact is SHORT TERM. But, to build LONG TERM Drug growth, we need to lead with "Emotional content". Therefore, we spend a lot of money to make theatrical videos like the one shown in the clip, complete with background music, sad stories, and a "poignant voiceover".

We do a lot of testing on these videos. They are just like Hollywood test screenings where they play the movie for an audience, get the responses from the audience and rework the content until it hits maximum impact. So it's a costly and iterative process.

But you know what? The movie Avenger’s Endgame costs 356 million (including the salary of Hollywood star - Robert Downey Jr). It’s just a fraction of our marketing cost! We spend 20-30% of our revenue on marketing. For example, the COVID franchise will make Pfizer 54 Billion in 2022 (according to their Feb 2022 forecast). Even if only 10% of that goes into Marketing, that’s 5.4 Billion (or equivalent to 15 times they used to make Avengers Endgame!)

After repeatedly showing such clips to doctors, the "emotion" sticks with them for a long time, and they are "compelled" to prescribe our drugs! I'm not saying it applies to ALL doctors. Not all of them are weak-minded and get played on emotions. But quite a number do.

We repeatedly play these clips for doctors - in events, seminars... and then bombard them with clinical papers funded by Big Pharma. It attacks both sides of the brain (logical and emotional)

Then, we try to seat the strongly opinionated ones with other indoctrinated doctors whenever we do educational conferences to create conformity - for those unfamiliar with Asch Conformity - here's a clip!

But sometimes, the conformity trick doesn't work, like Dr William Bay, who stood up to speak his mind to all the indoctrinated doctors. They felt so uncomfortable and ran away!

Do you notice that those more easily manipulated emotionally tend to call names, silence the other side, and refuse to come into debates with dissenting experts? I recall a clip from Joe Rogan talking with such a doctor with high number of followers - he says Amazon should ban books that don't agree with his point of view!! SHOCKING!

PharmaFiles by Aussie17
PharmaFiles by Aussie17