I like the work you are doing. Keep it up.

I'm upgrading to paid, I think you deserve it for your efforts and insights.

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Charlie Teo, Australian neurosurgeon, has said on video that many brain cancer patients have a rectangular "shadow", on the side one would hold the phone. That was for FOUR G.

5g perhaps penetrates 5cm, we do NOT KNOW. The Corporatocracy Telcos seem to have stymied ANY Science on the matter, for "The Science", right? My marketing team has come up with the Anti-slogan 🥁 5G roasts nuts/scrambles eggs.

Elon Musk's 5000 geo synchronous sats are also BLASTING 5g/6g, wifi, et all at EVERY metre² of THE PLANET... 🤗 meh. We know jack shit about it.

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My work group of 20, 2 diagnosed with leukaemia in the last 12months🤷‍♀️ - both aged in late 30’s to early 40’s

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Just suscribed. Your content is absolutely unique and hope you get many more suscribers. I was flabbergasted by your insights into Big Pharma. I believe we need to scrap the whole industry and build it back up a new.

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How many subscribers do you have? There’s no shame in charging. Many of us can afford $5 a month. And your info is valuable. For those who can’t, you still provide it for free. It just may be enough to support yourself

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Nice work Aussie... the leading hypothesis behind the rise of cancer that coincides with the idea that it's a post-booster phenomenon is that it is related to the rise in IgG4 type antibodies that occurs after the booster. By starting to form predominantly IgG4, the body is tapping out on a particular antigen.. basically "enough is enough and I am not going to produce active, inflammatory antibodies against this protein anymore". Such is the unnatural flooding of our bloodstreams with spike protein, especially when that third dose hits. The classic example of IgG4 is in the base of bee keepers, who after constant exposure to bee sting antigens, eventually produce IgG4 antibodies against that protein.

I have written about this in my substack; https://lettingdataspeak.substack.com/p/tying-together-the-elements-of-an

As well a brand new paper delves into the same theory and has a nice graphic showing how the Fc-Fc binding works to allow the spike IgG4 to thwart the efforts of good, anti-cancer antibodies.


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How much of a cut does Substack take from subscriptions?

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Both my parents who are in their 70s, triple jabbed, first two Astra Zenika third Phizer.

Both have have strokes since having the shots, mums left with deafness in one ear with bad ringing and vertigo. And dad has had two forms of aggressive skin cancer removed from his head. Left huge scaring.

They refuse to take another shot.

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What if Singapore is in the middle of it all? More in depth look is needed IMO..

This is a comment i left on another sub.


Hey VINU, your spidey senses are tingling for a reason! I noticed your comment on the PLOS journal article ("Adverse effects following anti–COVID-19 vaccination with mRNA-based BNT162b2...") went unanswered by Professor Ooi Eng Eong. I kinda noticed something fascinating.

Now, I'm no doctor, but even my AI neurons are firing in suspicion. Prof. Ooi just happens to be the author of the paper and the Editor-in-Chief of the journal it was published in. Talk about double-dipping! I'd call that a double whopper with a side of conflict-of-interest fries.

Source: (https://www.duke-nus.edu.sg/directory/detail/ooi-eng-eong)

But wait, there's more! Prof. Ooi is also the founder of Tychan, a Singapore-based biotech firm set up in 2016 is also cooking up COVID-19 treatments. And the Chairman of Tychan? Mr. Teo Ming Kian, who's also on the board of Temasek Holdings and Interel Pte Ltd! And would you believe it—Temasek Holdings is the second-largest shareholder of BioNTech and poured a cool 250 million USD into the company back in 2020. Now that's an investment turned jackpot, with a current value of around 650 million bucks! Source: (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-biontech-placement-idUSKBN2400PS)

Must be nice to use tax dollars to make such nice returns only to line their own pockets. We wouldn't know because financial data has never been published. The only data on Temasek is 13F filings.

Source: (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-biontech-placement-idUSKBN2400PS)

Oh, and Tychan's website? Currently, MIA but hiding out in the web archives like a secret agent. So, who's up for playing detective and unraveling this tangled web of connections and potential conflicts? Crack out the magnifying glasses, folks; something's afoot!

Source: (https://web.archive.org/web/20200610130209/https://www.tychan.com/)

Also, WUXI Biologics is listed as Tychan's partner.

I hope with this information you will understand why such a distinguished ELITE doctor felt you didn't deserve a reply.

I think you deserved more respect than what was afforded to you sir.

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I am not denying that shedding happens. It likely does, just like you can catch a virus from someone who is infected, I would think we could catch a few exosomes containing spike protein from a recently injected person. I see no chance of getting turbo cancer from this route of exposure. IgG4 happens based on bolus injections.

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Great article mate, so my lady friend of 30yrs, extremely fit and healthy. Had undergone scans of repro system prior to jabs, all clear. , Against advice double whacked, serious side effects after the second, less than six months after the second shot got massive abdominal pain and had a colonoscopy all clear,. Another scan of the reproductive system, riddled with cancer, full hystorectomy. Two weeks ago, massive flare up of gum disease and a large abscess that chewed into the jaw bone. Eight hours of surgery. The decline in health is like nothing I have seen. A work colleague's missus, super healthy woman, four weeks after shots, fast growing tumor on the heart. Couple of friends with Myo and pericarditis, another had a shingles outbreak so bad I thought he was a reptillian shape shifter. There are others, just too numerous to mention. I dunno if anyone else is having a similar experience but some people I know appear to be aging much faster than normal. I get the impression in some cases the individual seems to be carrying a parasite and know something ain't right but they can't quite put their finger on it. I think the worst is yet to come and the reason the filth are back flipping and finger pointing in order to distance themselves from what they have unleashed.

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Great article. Appreciate your work. Just some feedback: I subscribe unpaid to many subs and can't afford to pay for all of them but appreciate using one-off payment options on the really good content (Buy me a kofi is one that I use) Can you provide something like this?

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My husband got Pfizer #2 in August, 2021. Less than 4 mo later he developed shingles (ear, face and tongue). Over 14 mo later he still has post herpetic neuralgia (PHN). Will likely be on gabapentin the rest of his life. The initial treatment for shingles is often acyclovir; I believe that's a measure that would be interesting.

Also in 2022, he had NINE squamous cell cancers. He had previously had maybe five over the last decade.

Thank you for looking into the harm that's been done. This may be the biggest medical scandal in history.

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Just watched it on YouTube! It's in german but a doctor is demanding criminal charges for the corona corruption the government pushed for. Also mentioned bio weapon and the pharma corruption!

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Is it possible it's a surge in cancer treatments, rather than cancer rates?

Consults, etc, were left by the wayside during the lockdowns. The backlog is (or is being) cleared and now people can do screenings, etc, and get things back to normal.

Any chance what we're seeing is catchup?

ps. In the same boat as you re:income and dwindling savings. Will not be able to pay to read, but encourage you to do what you have to, to survive.

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"In the last two months, I had three family members diagnosed with cancer (thankfully, none have dropped dead suddenly). All of them are triple-jabbed with the Pfizer mRNA experiment."

This is my worst nightmare for my doubled jabbed, doubled booster housemate :-(

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