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People must be executed. We know who they are. This is Genocide, for fun & profit. There can be no reasons except BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

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I don’t claim to be a rocket scientist, but as an ex-nurse coerced at 69 to take the vax, and ending up with a cardiac injury I’ve been reading heaps and the timeline of development of this vaccine, they were told in 2015 that the TGA could not pass this because se it was gene therapy, and could only be released under EUA.

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10 Years ago you were told to lie about a contaminated product that may cause harm.

No wonder you are retired, that sort of corruption would drive me insane.

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He's a good man, maximum respect as he was one of the very few pioneers speaking out from the start

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The covid cabal put a lot of effort into vaccines on everyone. Covid is going to kill a lot of people anyway but they couldn't wait. https://wentworthreport.com/covid-the-parallel-history/

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Frightening isn’t it. That some people can so easily decide that injuring others is ok, just for money. I’ve got a question for you Aussie17. Do you suspect that the likes of the TGA knew before administration that the jabs are toxic? I’m guessing most politicians didn’t know.

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I remember in mid-2021, Mike Yeadon created a series of podcasts, "Planet Lockdown", in which he spoke about how the COVID policies and handling made no sense scientifically or based on what we know about epidemics historically. Yeadon figured out it was all a lie quickly and suggested we were standing at the gates of hell. That everything happening seemed to be about controlling the masses (for some nefarious reason, presumably?). Immediately after listening to this series, I did an internet search on Yeadon, and the media was already hard at work portraying him as a feeble-minded has-been, a former scientist whose apparent state of mental decline had turned him into a pathetic tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist...

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Mike's rhetoric is interesting.

There is a book called "Black Elk Speaks" in which Black Elk describes the evils done to the Nations since the coming of the White Man.

His rhetoric likewise is as much in sorrow as in anger. Above all it is simple and clear.

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Dr. Michael Yeadon is such a remarkable man and hero.

His tenacity to expose the HARSH thruth of a deadly toxic vaccine with a multitude of killer flaws has been relentless.

He has continued from day one and never bored despite the massive attacks and evilness of the killer thug elitist psychopaths.

If the world honors heros anymore - (and they will vanish if we don't honor them) then I would put Dr. Yeadon at the TOP of the Global all HERO list.

Boy is our world in a sick state. Politicians and doctors who look away from the OBVIOUS CLEAR HARMS of thos death Vax and their lying censoring media with the enablers at the top (Gates, Bourla, WHO Tedros, Schwab and country leaders in on this poison committed HIGH TREASON beyond anything imaginable in global history and all deserve to hang or rot in jail for life.

If there is karma, a global conscience. or a God who may judge harshly, there should be a day of reckoning in the next few years.

Equally the same elitist psychopath thinking at the WEF, WHO and criminal UN NGO thugs whom brought us to Agenda 2030 committed a TREASON and Pandemic of EVIL.

THEY TOO MUST be held accountable and I hope they are publicly executed so the civil people may live in peace and love and freedom.

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I think we, who see the truth, need to be more supportive of each other…The common enemy is clearly people aiming for power & Domination,USING

dishonesty, Fear, corrupted “Science” and immorality to get it…

(eg- “our safe vaccine and plan will save you all” )!…..

(from the diseases/crisses fabricated by them)..

To be effective in our resistance is imperative !…This will require we find common ground in our reasoned arguments…. We each as individuals are not ALL KNOWING and thus may have different ideas or beliefs based on what we have seen,

learned , and concluded since

10/18/2019 (Event 21

Committee’s planned COVID pandemic and take over SCHEME )( (ie- their “Great Reset” !


Who said what, about details, at any particular time, during the recent 3 year verbal media battles (during conflicting & confusing data reveals) is not as important as recognizing the Common Enemy and their DISHONEST TACTICS of Lying, Psy-ops, fake info in their personal attacks

aimed to discredit their political opponents … US !…..

It is, they are the globally cooperative DOMINATION SEAKERS……( think Davos-men).

Unfortunately history and the future have had & will have such humans who are “in it for themselves”. …seeking power….. Their frontal lobe dopamine driven “I want more for me” is unfortunately NOT countered by a brain perception that: care for others through ethical cooperation is actually

what will support the existence of the human species so we don’t cancel ourselves out …… a real possibility !!!..

History is full of such power/ dominance seekers who often are cunning enough to scare or convince followers to believe them !!!!! Humans have come up with ideas on how to counter balance such behaviors… The best successful plan so far has been an agreement to have a system (Society) with Checks & Balances against particular over-Dominant persons or groups…….

Most importantly based on RESPECT FOR


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C'mon. Groups of people, the stuff of corporations: business, religious, foundations and governments, have more rights and powers than a single being, and because groups of people are hard to oppose or punish, they can get away with murder for any reason. A Swiss verein is even more powerful than that.

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And that certain group in Switzerland....

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War crimes. But the war is being waged by our own governments against us. How to structure a resistance, much less a pushback? It seems the normal thoughts about accountability are just faded vague memories.

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We need guillotine for these people.

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Thank you for telling the truth! We need more honestly in America 🇺🇸 instead of deceiving lies.

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I wish Mike created his own Substack or started a Rumble channel

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