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Did the Shit just hit the fan in Singapore?

The most damning real world evidence yet!

Update/Correction March 3rd 2023

(I need to correct the Stillbirth data. A new law in Singapore broadened the definition of Stillbirth in 2022. As a result, it VOIDS the comparison between 2021 and 2022).

The decline in Live Births is still valid - a decline of over 3000 (or 7.62% of live births post vaccination).


Singapore just released the raw numbers on Perinatal Mortality and Stillbirths. Perinatal mortality went up by 44.7%, and stillbirths shot up by 70.5% compared to the previous year.

We are now a full year after the entire population was double vaccinated. This completely debunks the narrative that COVID caused Perinatal Mortality and Stillbirth because if that were so, the numbers would have shot up one year after the pandemic started in 2020. Instead, we see the numbers shoot up in 2022, one year after 87% of the population was double vaccinated!

As you can see below, almost 90% of the population of childbearing age are double vaccinated and boosted (minimum protection).

The Singapore Government has been battling low birth rates for many years. I don’t buy into the narrative that the Singapore Government is deliberately depopulating their population. To encourage higher birth rates, the Government have offered Cash Bonuses and tax incentives to citizens to have more children.

The country is one of the least corrupt countries in the world (although many Singaporean friends will disagree), in my opinion and experience, both from professional and personal experience.

Transparency International ranks Singapore as the 5th least corrupt country globally. However, much of it has been attributed to paying politicians and ministers salary equivalent to the private sector. But then again, greed seems to be a societal norm these days.

The Health Minister of Singapore makes at least US$800K annually, more than the President of the United States. [SOURCE]

I don’t believe that the politicians took money from Big Pharma. But, I think they are highly advised by local medical professors who are in bed with Big Pharma. For example, the National University of Singapore, Singapore’s premier university, is in a strong partnership with EcoHealth Alliance. We know how the Covid fiasco started with these people who are hell-bent on making Gain of Function research on coronaviruses.

Anyway, right now, Singapore is in a Catch-22 situation, with lots of evidence that the Vaccines are causing infant mortalities. With their Real World Data showing, the Government has a few options left.

  1. Take responsibility, be the first country to recall the mRNA product, and stop the vaccination campaign to reduce further harm to the population. Begin looking at vaccination detoxification. (highly unlikely) 

  2. Wait for Pfizer or another country to recall the product and risk further harm to the population (but 90% of the population is already harmed). (maybe)

  3. Blame it on Long COVID or create other narratives (i.e. Parents with Long Covid, Parents contracted Covid during pregnancy, etc.). Although this will be a huge gamble, they are simply kicking the can down the road. (maybe)

  4. Pretend nothing happened and perform the UK and France backpedalling dance (i.e. end vaccination and booster campaigns for those under 50, citing other reasons). (most likely)

And finally, don’t forget these are only infant deaths and stillbirths. They still need to explain the highest record of deaths ever and also why Live Births dropped 7.6% post vaccination. How many of these were due to miscarriages?

There are many downstream effects due to miscarriages and stillbirths. For example, almost one in three women develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after early pregnancy loss. [SOURCE]

This is a shit-hitting fan moment, and its coming to a country near you!

Signing off for now,

PS: To correct some numbers in the video above from Dr Tina Peers, it’s not 58% miscarriage rate but 16% (still more than double the normal).

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