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Don't know if still case (and if applies to any other jurisdictions) that any cancer treatment in the US is illegal other than surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Such restrictions can't be ethical given amount of deceit behind cancer research/drugs. Oncologists don't tend to advise patients chemo/radiation have long-term effect of encouraging new tumour growth. Maybe they should say, "This is what I recommend. While there're strong risks, benefits will be worth it. However, I predicate this statement on the fact that it is based on what I know and am aware of. There may be other treatments that are safer, but I don't have knowledge of them." I'm not being facetious. I'm trying to point out that when people face a crisis, they are desperate to have hope, and possibly they are looking in the wrong places.

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Let me mention for the thousandth time the book "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin. It chronicles (among numerous other things) how laetrile "became" illegal. Thank you, Sloan-Kettering et al.

But please don't buy the book via Amazon.

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Decreased incidence of prostate cancer with selenium supplementation: results of a double-blind cancer prevention trial

prophylaxis for people with normal PSA: 75% risk reduction.


38% reduction in cancer incidence with 2000 IU vitamin D supplementation for normal BMI

60% reduction in African American men with vit-D deficiency


Overweight/obese condition increases cancer incidence by (sometimes) factors of 2 or 3.


Zinc: The Wonder Drug for the Treatment of Carcinomas

Cancer cells downregulate zinc, because zinc is cytotoxic to them. Author suggests using zinc + ionophore. He has a lot of in vitro data, and a case study. He can't get a trial funded. Looking at his "paper trail", he's been building this hypothesis for two decades.

Not medical advice. Just some things I read. Agree about things being "debunked" because cancer is so profitable. My plan: Vit-D ~ 50 ng/ml, selenium, quercetin + zinc, time-restricted eating (16:8), BMI=24.

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Another good post. Thanks for taking the time to compile this and hopefully help some other people realise that this is HAPPENING.

It would be good to keep editing and adding to this post, as it evolves.

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Thanks again.

just on the anthocyanins, all the reds, blacks and blues.

Black carrots, sweet potato, beets, and black rice as well as stonefruit (peaches, nectarines, plums) and berries. Also red leaves, salad greens that have red stems and red leaves.

Everything in moderation. But the key is 'everything', eat some of everything.

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Zelenko springs to mind. He fought hard for the people and ultimately himself. RIP.

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Seems the mechanism for immuno decay - by plan - is becoming clearer.

1) Background


2) Latest on origins


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Sincere thanks for this summary. I am a bit shocked that synthetic vitamins cause cancer. A few months ago I started supplementing vitamins, especially vitamin D at 5000 daily units + K2 and magnesium. I have much more energy and getting more done this winter than in recent years. I will research into natural vitamin D alternatives. I know sun, but because of workdays I fear that I am not getting enough and in winter it is impossible

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Yes... please do some research. Vit D + K2 is great. You can find "whole foods" version of them (Megafoods, garden of life...etc there are a few) . I take them during winter months.

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Neither my husband or myself are vaccinated but he developed a very aggressive melanoma that was Stage III at diagnosis. We both practice intermittent fasting daily. The main difference in our diet is I eat very low carb and he eats moderate carb. Anyway, he had two rounds of immunotherapy prior to surgery with only minimal side effects. It wasn’t until after surgery that he developed more serious side effects on his thyroid and pituitary gland. We do have family and friends who have been vaxxed. We are probably exposed to lots of EMFs. Who knows, really? I was blaming it on viral shedding from the vaxxed but I don’t know. We both had CoVid at least once.

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For some reason the only supplement I’m not a little bit scared of taking (or that won’t be toxic in the long run) is Vitamin C...I feel like Vitamin C just assists my body in doing what it wants to do....

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Same here, I take magnesium and vit C on a daily basis. Still have half of my colon thanks to that, surgeon very surprised! It works well for me.

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One nutrient should be taken on a daily basis: magnesium. The best for me to enhance immune system. I use Nigari.

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Thank you especially for mentioning apricot kernels, proven NOT to be effective (by Sloan-Kettering of course). Smart people have been munching them for years.

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Champ, read this, goes with your number one tip, and everything else.

Metabolic interruption of cancer cells:


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