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Week #4 Updates: Thailand to Nullify Pfizer contracts??

and an update to Pfizer's Crisis Week!

Thailand to be the first country to nullify Pfizer Contracts?

In an interview with Pascal Najadi, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi gives us an update on the Thai situation that developed in December 2022. To recap, the eldest daughter of the Thai King collapsed in mid-December and is currently in a coma after six weeks. Two weeks later, the Top Thai Neurologist warned of COVID vaccine injuries and the following week, the King's sister experienced heart arrhythmia.

PharmaFiles by Aussie17
Thai King's daughter collapses, Top Thai Neurologist warns of vaccine injuries. Following week, King's sister experienced heart arrhythmia (Updated Dec 26th, 2022)
Princess Bajrakitiyabha, the eldest daughter of King Maha Vajiralongkorn, collapsed due to a brain aneurysm on Dec 14, 2022. The princess remains under life support, according to official statements. One week later, on Dec 20, 2022, the country's Top Neurologist, Dr Thiravat Hemachudha, chief of the Thai Red Cross's Emerging Infectious Diseases Health Sci…
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In an interview yesterday, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi claimed that the advisors to the Thai government and Royal Family said Thailand would be the first country in the world to nullify the contract with PfizerFull interview here.

It will be interesting to monitor the development in Thailand because all it takes for the whole vaccine narrative to collapse is for one country to recall the product, which will set the dominos falling.

This is not the first time Thailand has come into a conflict with Big Pharma. In 2007, Thailand and Abbott Laboratories clashed because they couldn’t agree on the price of Kaletra, an HIV Drug. As a result, Thailand decided to ignore patent laws and buy the generics of Kaletra directly from India. Since then, Abbott (and now Abbvie, a spinoff of Abbott’s Biopharmaceutical arm) has stopped launching new drugs in Thailand. Suppose you want to understand how Big Pharma prices its drugs; read PharmaFiles #7.

Fun fact

Thailand (also known as Siam historically) is the only country in South East Asia that European powers have never colonized. They are not to be pushed around! They may truly be the first country in the world to push back. We will see!

Pfizer’s Crisis Week

Albert Bourla can’t have a break. Thailand may be a relatively small market, but I am sure they need to watch it closely because any product recalls or contract nullification will give other countries ideas, and they don’t like it.

Some folks still believe that the video of Jordon Walker is made up. They claim it is bad acting, and he is too young to be a Pfizer Director. Some people claim that he is an entry-level director. There’s no such thing as an entry-level Director.

Let me explain the Job Titles in Pharma

The job titles go like this in most Pharma companies. At the top of the ladder, you have the C-Levels, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Medical Officer, etc. Below the C-Levels are the Presidents such as Janine Small, the President of the International Market who created the term "Speed of Science" out of thin air.

Below the Presidents are the Vice Presidents, and below the VPs are the Senior Directors and Directors. These are all top-ranked people. For example, Johnson and Johnson, a company with around 110,000 employees, has under 1000 Directors worldwide. So that's only 1% of all employees (roughly 1 Director to 100 employees). Country General Managers are typically Directors and above. A President or Vice President would lead such a big country like Japan. A Director might lead a smaller country like Thailand.

Some Directors are individual contributors, and some directors are leaders with subordinates. Jordon might be an individual contributor or someone with just a few contract staff at most. Not a "Leader" Director. However, in terms of Job Ranking, they are similar - the same salary bands. Directors typically get annual shares as part of their yearly bonuses. Sometimes, Senior Managers get them, too, depending on Job Complexity.

Below the Directors are Senior Managers, Managers, Associates, etc.

Job Titles in Big Pharma are the opposite of the Financial Industry, where low-ranking managers are called "Vice Presidents". Don't ask me why; it is just how it works.

Diversity and Inclusion Gone Wrong?

Jordon Walker is supposedly in his late 20s or early 30s and is a Director. In short, I believe so. Around two decades ago, I don’t think it was possible to see a Director in their late 20s unless they somehow related to the owner. However, in the recent decade, Big Pharma has adopted a WEF goal of “Diversity and Inclusion”.

In Big Pharma, when you are a Head of a Big department, typically, there are succession plans in place. 

So, What are succession plans?

Succession plans are part of business continuity; for example, if you die suddenly, the company will immediately promote the successor to your position the next day.

All Key Strategic Positions have succession plans. High Potential or Potential usually fills these. A High Potential (we typically call them HP) is someone ready to take the position with immediate effect. Sometimes we assign them a period like 0-1 year because if you don’t promote them, they will find a better job with a competitor. It is part of “Talent Management” to identify and promote these people. A “Normal Potential” is eventually being developed to be a High Potential. Typically, they are assigned 2-5 years.

Anyway, I’m just explaining this very generally. Every six months or so, we have a Talent Management meeting to review succession plans. In recent years, during these meetings, Human Resources have adopted the “Diversity and Inclusion” criteria into these meetings. HR started flashing out the gender and colour mixture of our High Potentials and Potentials. During that meeting, they will show who has the best Diversity and Inclusion of their High Potentials, Potentials and employee mix in their department.

It’s like a game of “The Wokest Department Head Wins the Game” because they started glorifying senior executives that have a nice departmental balance (i.e. 50% male high potentials, 50% female high potentials, 30% black employees, 30% yellow employees, some gays and lesbians).

Suddenly, every department head started to find “balance” artificially. There was a gradual shift from hiring based on expertise and ethics into a race of hiring genders, colours and sexual orientations.

Eventually, these candidates who identified as LGBT and had a unique skin colour started becoming like Gold Nuggets because Department Heads wanted to balance their departments. These “gold nuggets” became younger and younger because they were scarce, and that’s why you get someone like Jordon Walker, a black gay man, as a Director of Pfizer.

Pfizer’s Press Release in coordination with Marco Rubio?

As expected, Pfizer immediately issued a Press Release saying that they are not mutating viruses (whether it is Gain of Function or Directed Evolution). Pfizer’s statement is specific, particularly when they claimed they are not doing it in the ongoing development of the COVID vaccine.

Usually, press statements like this go through extensive reviews with lawyers, and it is worded very carefully. However, the fact that they state this line together with the “COVID vaccine” tells me they have much to hide - perhaps they are mutating viruses in other areas. Jeff Childers from Coffee & Covid made an excellent write-up on this.

I also found it strange that Marco Rubio’s letter to Pfizer’s CEO is worded similarly to Pfizer’s press announcement (even before Pfizer released it).

As I mentioned in my previous article, I think there was a call from Pfizer’s Government Affairs department to politicians, and they did some negotiations and aligned their “questions”.

The correct question should be

What efforts is Pfizer currently, or planning to, engage in mutating any viruses?

Scott Adams Concedes

There is so much happening this week that I can’t believe it is the same week Scott Adams conceded that “Anti-vaxxers” win. I’m afraid I have to disagree with him on a few things. I don’t think I am an Anti-vaxxer since I sold vaccines myself. I am anti-experiment.

Secondly, I don’t think I won anything. I lost my career and haven’t worked for almost three years. Some family members have been vaccine injured. How is this winning in any way??

PharmaFiles by Aussie17
PharmaFiles by Aussie17