The DAM is breaking in Japan. Two more Professors speak out! (Dec 17, 2022)

The dam is breaking in Japan, and two more professors are speaking out against the vaccine Prof. Masataka Nagao from Hiroshima University School of Medicine.

“We believe the vax is related to immune abnormalities.”

And the second one, Professor Shigetoshi Sano from Kochi University School Of Medicine, demonstrates the mechanism of action of adverse reactions caused by vaccination.

We will start seeing doctors and professors move to the "other side" one by one, and then, suddenly, ALL of them runs over. Do you know why? Because the timid ones don't like to be in the minority group. Once they see the critical mass shift, they shift their opinions immediately. That's why we target Key KOLs first! Read my thread on how Pharma targets KOLs in PharmaFiles #3 here

PharmaFiles by Aussie17
PharmaFiles by Aussie17