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Piers Morgan makes U-Turn and passes the blame to the "Scientists"!

What a farce!

During the height of the pandemic, Piers Morgan was one of the most ardent mRNA experimental jab supporters and had been relentlessly attacking the anti-mRNA experiment crowd.

By the way, I call it an “anti-mRNA experiment” because it doesn’t make sense to say “anti-vaxxer” since I sold vaccines during my pharma days, and I am pretty pro-traditional vaccines. “Anti-vaxxer” is a term created to group everyone who disagrees with the “single narrative”. But, of course, these days, my position has changed drastically; I have completely lost trust in public health, and I wouldn’t even vaccinate my cat!!

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Anyway, Here are some of the older tweets from Piers Morgan calling for vaccine passports and calling anti-vaxxer loonies.

In the clip above that Piers Morgan admits that he made a U-Turn, but then he said the “scientists” made a U-Turn.

Here’s my problem with his argument. The science didn’t change, and the facts didn’t change. Many prominent scientists spoke out against the vaccines and lockdown mandate, but they were silenced. 

Pfizer executive Janine Small admitted that they didn’t do any tests on transmission. So, which “scientist” did Piers Morgan speak to? As a prominent journalist with a big platform, why didn’t Piers Morgan do some due diligence on whoever the scientists were feeding him the wrong information? Why didn’t he listen to the dissenting scientists?

Did journalistic incompetency cause this? Or are they bought and paid for by Pfizer? These are some big questions to answer because over 20 million lives have been lost due to the Covid virus (est. 7 million) and Vaccinations (est. 13 million) based on pre-Denis Rancourt’s pre-print. Millions are vaccine injured, and millions lose their livelihood. Excess deaths continue to accelerate worldwide.

For those who said the vaccines saved 20 million lives, it is based on flawed modelling. You can see from the chart courtesy of Ivor Cummins that it was absolute garbage.

Here’s a longer clip of the interview with Piers Morgan and the full interview to be released shortly!

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PharmaFiles by Aussie17
PharmaFiles by Aussie17