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Professor Abdullah Alabdulgader

Professor Abdullah Alabdulgader stands at the forefront of cardiology in Saudi Arabia as the esteemed founder of the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center (PSCC), a leading institution in cardiac care, research, and education. His pioneering vision and contributions to the field of cardiology have not only elevated the standard of cardiac healthcare in the region but have also placed the PSCC on the map as a center of excellence for heart health.

Professor Abdullah Alabdulgader calls for suspension of mRNA jab because of cardiac harm concerns.

I have been to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The Royal Family and those connected to the Royal Family are demi-gods in Saudi Arabia. A long time ago, I spoke to a Big Pharma mentor (retired now) who was the General Manager of Saudi Arabia in the 90s.

He told me they got into a conflict with the Royal Family and were given 24 hours to leave the country with his family. After that, the company had to send a private jet to take them out. Otherwise, they won’t be getting out.

The King appoints the Minister of Health in Saudi Arabia. I don’t think a renowned cardiologist can come out publicly to speak against the policies of the Ministry of Health without getting a green light from the Royal Family.

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