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Dr Drew apologises and makes the U-Turn!

Who will be the next expert to make a U-Turn?

I’ve said it for some time, as the hard data keeps dropping, doctors and experts have a small window of opportunity to make the switch. We will see the ones who rely on logic and data switch sides while those dependent on ideology will take as long as possible because people who rely on ideology don’t like to admit mistakes. But, eventually, they will shift anyway when they see the masses turn. Of course, they will need to find a nice angle. For example, if Pfizer releases the delayed study result of the subclinical myocarditis, they will take that opportunity to say, “oh, now we have the data…!”.

The current system glorifies those who memorize textbooks from “authorized sources” instead of those who think critically. Right now, we have a vast mass of “doctors” and “experts” who graduated, climbed their careers and made a name for themselves in this system. But, of course, while working in Big Pharma, this system has always been highly advantageous to us. It makes influencing doctors easy and systematic, as I wrote in #Pharmafiles 1 here.

Dr Drew joins the list of experts and doctors who made U-Turns the in recent months. I’d like to see him make an official call to #StopTheShots, but we’ll take this for now.

Here’s a list of my U-Turn tracker; let’s add Dr Drew to the list!

  1. Prof Masanori Fukushima (Japan)

  2. Dr Kerryn Phelps (Australia)

  3. Prof Angus Dalgleish (UK)

  4. Dr John Campbell (UK)

  5. Prof Shmuel Shapira (Israel)

  6. Dr Thiravat Hemachudha (Thailand)

  7. Professor Abdullah Alabdulgader (Egypt)

  8. Dr Joseph Fraiman (USA)

  9. Professor Retsef Levi (USA)

  10. Dr Drew (USA)

Who would you like to see next? Unfortunately, some prominent doctors like Eric Topol & Dr Karl have doubled down too hard, making it very difficult for them to make the U-Turn without losing much of their reputation. But I won’t be surprised if they do. They are between a rock and a hard place right now, and I am pretty sure they are hoping for a Pfizer scandal to break out and say, “I didn’t know!”.

The entire narrative is crumbling, and it is a matter of time before the experimental mRNA products are recalled. We’ve seen the same story with Thalidomide and the same story with Vioxx. You know it when the U-Turns are only happening one way. Have we seen doctors and experts sceptical of the mRNA experiment suddenly giving up and saying they believe it is “safe and effective” now? Of course not! This is a one-way street. The stubborn ones will wake up in funeral homes and hospitals.

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PharmaFiles by Aussie17
PharmaFiles by Aussie17