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Discussions of Unlawful Approval of Covid-19 Vaccines in a broadcast in EU Parliament


I highly recommend setting aside 30 minutes of your time to watch this broadcas. The discussions cover various crucial aspects, including a detailed examination of the flawed approval process and the alarming revelation of DNA contamination. People around the world is waking up to the false “Safe and Effective” narrative.

There is no sensationalization or distortion of truth present in this content. These revelations have prompted Members of EU Parliament to send a letter to the European Medical Agency (EMA) demanding the immediate suspension of COVID vaccines. Here is the link to official letter sent to the EMA.

Just a brief excerpt in case you don't have 30 minutes to watch the clip: MEP Marcel de Graaff sheds light on concerns regarding Pfizer's practices, emphasizing the discrepancy between the experimental vaccine used during clinical trials and the vaccine administered to the public. In his own words, MEP de Graaff expresses his shock and states, "...the way we got to this approval is also completely messed up. And messed up in a way that really shocked me..."

MEP Joachim Kuhs further underlines the gravity of the situation, raising concerns about multiple underlying issues. Reflecting his astonishment, MEP Kuhs states, "...there are so many things which are going really wrong in a very big scale. It's so many things which are really stunning and stunned me..."

Willem Engel sheds light on the issue of DNA contamination and SV40 promoters. His team, being one of the independent labs, has verified the presence of DNA contamination in the vaccines. So far more than a dozen labs have independently verified the DNA contamination.

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