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CDC Director Walensky Resigns

Probably the most incompetent CDC Director in history!

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has resigned from her position. This decision was announced by the White House just a few hours ago, and the reason for her resignation is not yet apparent.

Walensky, who President Joe Biden appointed in January 2021, has been leading the CDC through the pandemic has been a vocal advocate for social distancing, mask-wearing, and vaccination.

Her track record at the CDC has been less than impressive. Some might say she's highly incompetent. Just look at the clip where she confidently claimed that vaccinated people don't carry or transmit the virus, only to be proven wrong later. And what's even more unbelievable is that she admitted getting her information from a "CNN Feed". Is that how you get your information as a CDC Director?

And now, just a few days ago, the CDC announced that vaccine requirements for travellers would continue. But lo and behold, the White House announced that the requirements would end two days later. Talk about a mixed message. It's almost like there's chaos behind the scenes.

What do you think is the reason behind her resignation? Maybe she saw the impending lawsuit season and decided to run and hide. Or perhaps the Biden administration gave her the boot. Either way, it's clear that there were some serious issues at the CDC under Walensky's leadership.

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